Shocking: This is What Rahul Gandhi was Doing When He Went Missing.

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Media is saying Rahul Gandhi went to Bangkok and then visited few more countries before he came back after 59 days of sabbatical leave. However, people are unable to believe this as they think Bangkok is for adults and not for kids. Meanwhile, as soon as the news about RaGa’s coming back broke, Sonia Gandhi got all the cartoon channels activated on Rahul’s TV. But what was happening back home when he was missing away and what all he did during all this time. You will get shocked to know all that.

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Everyone is asking, “Where is Rahul Gandhi” (as if he is really so important to be missed). What has happened so suddenly (other than losing the elections) that he has gone missing and no where to be seen. People are so worried that they have put up Rahul Gandhi Missing posters every where so that he could be found somehow.


Earlier, her mother Sonia Gandhi and even some congress leaders have informed that he is out on vacation but now even they are keeping mum after they realized it has already been a month long vacation and still RaGa no where to be seen.


Rahul Gandhi, ‘the famous PAPPU of India’ has been trying its hand in anything or everything to know where he stands or is skilled for? Being a big failure in the political world of India, to earn money and survive in this ever-expensive world, dumb Rahul who is not a Dravid is busy doing these funny things to earn lump sum money to have a bare minimum good life. Lets explore through our great latest funny news resources to find what our Pappu, who can’t dance is doing going around.

Jobless Rahul Gandhi providing second hand help to Indian Farmers:

With the Indian Farmers working hard day and night to help meet the demand of livelihood, dumb Rahul Gandhi in an effort to do the good to the poor people these days is busy helping them to carry plastic and other items in order to be the second hand to the farmers.Jobless Rahul helping Farmers

Jobless Rahul Gandhi providing Shoulder help to coffin takers:

As per latest news from Mind The News’s overseas funny sources – When Rahul Gandhi was in USA, to kill time and to enhance his skills in every manner possible, Rahul thought to earn name and fame in the country abroad and started helping the Coffin takers by providing them with his very strong shoulder help.Jobless Rahul helping Coffin takers

Jobless Rahul Gandhi working as a daily wage labourer:

Rahul Gandhi has always desired to do the best for the nation and in order to maintain the motto of hardworking person in the political scenario of India, he ended up working as a daily wage laborer in order to earn every day income to have money to eat and survive and also to earn some amount of name which he could never earn.Jobless Rahul as Labourer

Jobless Rahul Gandhi busy playing Funny Ghoda Ghadi:

When a person is jobless, he generally does what he really likes. Jobless Rahul Gandhi was always a kid from mind (as per his thinking and talks). What is the better time than this when he is fully vella (without work) than to enjoy his childhood love? Mind The News team found him playing around with Ghoda Ghadi as a time pass love of his life and found it too funny and cute to ignore.Jobless Rahul Playing with Toys

Jobless Rahul Gandhi working as a Babysitter:

Guess what? Rahul Gandhi loves to play with kid’s toys and even loves kids. Only because of the reason of he being a child from heart and mind, he thought of earning a bit and also he will get some friends as other kids by being a babysitter. Enjoy the babysitting work and let your skill enhance to take care of your other fellow kids friends Rahul.Jobless Rahul as Babysitter

Jobless Rahul Gandhi to beat PT USHA:

Failing in the political world, Rahul Gandhi, our Pappu thought he must be great in sports as his brain runs with the speed of a runner and hence, he was found practicing his running skills in dream of beating PT USHA.Jobless Rahul practising Running

Jobless Rahul Gandhi coming up with his own funnier comedy nights show

Rahul Gandhi aka Pappu of the nation believes that he is considered as the best joke cracker and with such skills inbuilt in him, who doesn’t want to compete with Kapil Sharma of the nation who was awarded as the best comedian. Rahul with the dream of achieving the next award of being the Best Comedian went ahead and started promoting his next show with name ‘Comedy Nights with Rahul’. Kudos to you boy. All the very best.Jobless Rahul launching his laughter show

Why Rahul Gandhi to be the next hero for sequel of movie Agent Vinod part 2?

Rahul Gandhi loves Kareena Kapoor and hence, hates Saif Ali Khan as Rahul ne baazi hari and Saif ne Kari Apni Azadi ka ‘The End’ by marrying Bebo of our Bollywood World. The day he got married, Rahul signed for Agent Vinod Sequel 2 movie in order to beat Saif Ali Khan and perform better than the Pataudi of the nation.Jobless Rahul to act as a Hero

Jobless Rahul Gandhi trying his hand in acting with Dhoom 4:

Rahul Gandhi always wished to be in a movie and perform some good role. Guess the end to his political world is opening new windows to try his skills on his many dream jobs. Don’t be surprise to see Rahul aka our Pappu in the next sequel of Dhoom as he was found doing stunts on bike with his heroine opposite her in the upcoming film.Jobless Rahul trying Bike Stunts

Jobless Rahul Gandhi working as Extra men in Big Fat Indian Weddings:

With the wedding season approaching being November-January the peak time of many marriages on schedule, Rahul Gandhi doesn’t want to leave any opportunity in trying his skills and also earning some pennies to survive and eat his vada pao (his favorite food). Recently, we spotted our Pappu being the extra men of the Bharati’s who are hired to perform varied dances or sing or be the extra crowd of lavish weddings of the nation.Jobless Rahul as Extra Men in Wedding


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