13 Years Old Akshat Mittal’s Website Solves Delhi’s Odd-Even Traffic Rule Problem

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A 13 years old Delhi school boy has created a website to simplify the odd-even traffic problem that comes into effect from Jan 1, 2016. Boy named Akshat Mittal has designed the website in such a way that will provide information which car is plying on which day. This way they can share the ride with others. This is kind of car pooling website but it also solves the odd-even problem.


Users can add their details that includes name, car registration number, place of start of journey and destination. Users can also add their gender and commuter preference.

“Most of the car pooling apps today wants to provide convenience to the commuters in the form of linking people wanting to share a ride. However, they have no considerations regarding the odd and even number, which will be the case from January 1, 2016. Currently, all other apps are aimed at citizens looking to lessen the burden of the cost of fuel and the ones looking at a convenient mode of transport,” Akshat Mittal of Amity International told ET.


The site which can be accessed at http://www.odd-even.com currently is also expected to have a mobile application soon.

Users will also be able to login via their social media profiles like Facebook and linkedin so as to ensure they are genuine and they can also upload their Govt. issued ID card.


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