20 Facts You Must Know About Sunny Leone’s Fans

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Sunny Leone entered the Bollywood industry and made her presence with her roles in Jism 2 and Ragini MMS 2. Here are some of the most interesting facts that you must know about fans of Sunny Leone.

You are Sunny Leone fan ‘If you know the meaning of porr-nn star now, if you were ignorant about it earlier.’

sunny-leone-factsYou are Sunny Leone fan ‘If Sunny Leone Pictures are too safe with you. (Folder inside a folder inside a folder)  and the name of the folder says ‘official documents’.

Secret of Folder inside a Folder

You are Sunny Leone fan’ if Shiela and Munny are oldies to you. Now you only follow Baby Doll and Leela Now’.

Baby Doll

You are Sunny Leone fan ‘if you were ignorant about Big Boss? Who sees? Only Season 5 was your favourite as Sunny darling entered the house’.

Sunny in Big Boss

You are Sunny Leone fan’ if for you be it Coffee or Chocolates (which were never your favorites), plea-ssuure is all yours with Sunny teaching everyone the real plea-ssuure.’


You are Sunny Leone fan ‘ if Earlier hearing ‘Bi-sexuality’, the reactions were surprising and shocked. Now, you support Bi-sexuality only because of Sunny Leone.’ Funny? Isn’t it?


You are Sunny Leone fan if Po-le Dance was never exciting till you saw one in ‘Ye Mera Deewanapan Hai’ song as Sunny’s Dance was worth the watch.’


You are Sunny Leone fan ‘if  in Horror Films only Ragini MMS 2 is your favourite one.’ LoL

Ragini MMS 2

You are Sunny Leone fan ‘if Awards name were always difficult for you to remember till you have the list of Sunny Leone’s awards memorized from every news that you heard.


You are Sunny Leone’s most funny fan ‘If you consider Sunny Leone hotter than Cameron Diaz, Barrymore and Lucy Lui put together.’

Sunny Leone

You are Sunny Leone’s fan ‘if Reality Shows are all rubbish but to watch ‘Splitsvilla’ Season 7 for sure because Sunny Leone is hosting.’

MTV Splitsvilla 7 Host

You are Sunny Leone fan ‘if Only One Sunny is all we know in the Bollywood World is Sunny Leone (and She is not Deol).’

One Bollywood Sunny

You are Sunny Leone fan ‘ if Firang in Sarees were never Hot and Attractive to you till you saw Sunny Leone, the Firang Bollywood Babe in Sarees.’

Firang Beauty in Saree

You are Sunny Leone fan ‘if Mastizaade Teaser has crossed 2 lac Views only because of people like you being the Teaser video on hit watching list over an over again.


You are Sunny Leone fan ‘if you are absolutely not OK when media or any public talks or consider Sunny a different person being the po-rrn star.’

Angry face

You are Sunny Leone fan ‘if for you, there is no other Punjabi Kudi ever turned into such attractive person like Sunny Leone.’

Attractive Girl

You are Sunny Leone fan ‘if you strongly believe that Sunny did not need any cosmetic surgery to look hot or attractive like other Bollywood Actress you gone through numerous surgeries to turn into a beautiful babe.’

Sunny Leone

You are Sunny Leone fan ‘if you only search for Sunny’s face in every add-ullt movie you watch.’

Curious for Sunny Leone

You are Sunny Leone fan ‘if you never thought you would have a huge collection of add-ullt films till Sunny Leone came into the picture of addu-llt films.’

Search for Sunny Leone

You are Sunny Leone’s fan ‘if you have to subscribe to every account on Facebook, which has Sunny Leone name, and follow every Twitter account bearing her name as well.’


So, are you also doing the above things. Then, for sure you are one of the most funny yet die-hard fan of Baby Doll aka Sunny Leone.

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