How Life Was During 90s for the Kids and What We Lost in 21st Century?

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21st century brought with it amazing technology, higher order intelligence, lost innocence and a broader lookout to life. When you think back to the 90s, it feels like you are watching an old, grainy film. Life was simpler back then. But I would of course say that, I was a little kid.

All of you 90s people, read on for a bit of nostalgia. And all you young’uns, read on to see how life was before the ‘20’ entered the dates.

Cartoon network thing to do

It would take me years to finish lamenting the death and burial of the very old Cartoon Network. Could we have lived back then without The PowerPuff Girls and Popeye and The Flintstones? I would never have been so happy if I had to watch today’s HD graphics with no creativity.


No Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter

Nowadays, life revolves around the number of likes and comments on your Facebook posts and who follows you on twitter and Instagram. You know what your friend is doing on his cruise to Australia, but you have no clue what your neighbor is doing for a life. Social networking sites- the killer of social networks in real. Keep away from kids.


Android .. Excuse me?

Sleek, slim, sexy camera + novels + radio + music player that can also be used for calling and texting. 15 years back, android would have sounded like a disease. The only mobiles available then were the fat, stocky Nokia’s, that usually were found in a father’s pocket.


Hanging out meant going out to play

Playing all day with the sun on our backs, stopping only to chase the gola walah for a bit of ice. Those were the days. Today kids go out to malls every evening and spend their time in Mcdonalds or in the theaters.


Music was, well music to the ears

Do you remember the young Amir Khan singing to the ghats about his first love in Udit Narayan’s melodious voice? And remember how we couldn’t stop our feet moving to crazy Govinda songs. Well, those are gone now. Songs rarely have that magic now-a-days.


Jeans were for bad girls

Any woman wearing jeans was the Kim Kardashian of the 90s. People stared at you as if you were walking naked on the road. Women only wore sarees or churidars those days. While today, a young woman in a churidaar is like Paris Hilton in a saree. Not comfortable, but pretty just the same.


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