Aamir to Produce Biographical Movie on KRK’s Life.

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After the grand success of movie Dangal, Aamir Khan yet again announces to produce another biographical movie. Recently, Aamir came to know about the very renowned actor Kamaal Rashid Khan’s life story. After knowing KRK’s story Aamir decided to produce a movie on his life. Kamaal is not only a refined actor but also a very good producer and writer.


At a press conference held in Delhi recently where Aamir & Kamaal came together, Aamir said that it will be an honor for him to produce movie on such a great actor’s life story. A reporter at the conference asked Aamir that,‘Kamaal has always been into news for more of wrong things and less of good stuff. How will a biography on his life story attract the audience?’ Aamir answered, ‘people throw rocks at the things that shine and Kamaal has made up a castle out of the stones thrown at him.’

Aamir claims that this movie will break Dangal’s record too. Kamaal left his home when he was a kid to become an actor and came to Mumbai. Later on, his hard work paid off and he debuted as a producer in movie Sitam a release of the year 2005. Kamaal will be in lead role himself and it is announced that 6 actresses will be cast in the movie. Kamaal had six affairs since his college days to now, but Kamaal is still unmarried. Aamir said that they are having conversations with Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha for casting in this movie.

Kamaal when questioned about his any future plans for marriage he said,’ I’ve made cinema my wife although there’s no shortage of girls in his life. ’Kamaal was once in news for proposing TV actress Sara Khan, when questioned by a reporter he answered after Sara Khan noticed his grand success in his movie Deshdrohi she was behind him. It was he who refused Sara Khan.

During his struggle days, Kamaal didn’t have a penny to buy food and didn’t even have shelter. Today Kamaal is so successful that he gets his water from Holland, tea from France and milk from London. Girls are crazy about Kamaal and he’s considered to be the most desirable bachelor in India.

There are rumors about Kamaal that he’s bald as he used to wear bandana in Bigg Boss and he hides it from the nation, Kamaal said that its just his style to carry himself wearing a bandana. Kamaal said that he’s as fresh as morning a morning dew so how can he be bald.

Aamir Khan when questioned about the title of this movie he said, for now, they’ve come up to the title ‘Kamaal ka kamaal’ and will figure out even better one till its release. Dangal in this year’s Filmfare awards has bagged awards and so is the movie on Kamaal is claimed to bag awards in each & every category.


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