Farmer’s Suicide at AAPKisanRally – Tweeps Ask These Questions to Media and BJP

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A farmer from Rajasthan, Gajendra Singh committed suicide at AAP Kisan Rally at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. Worst thing, soon after he died political parties started with their dirty politics and started putting blame on each other. BJP, has been on back foot so far because of the fact that already hundreds of farmers have been committing suicide in BJP ruled states all over India. So, now with this case, they have got something to divert people’s attention from them and instead start pushing it on other parties (AAP).

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Farmer’s Suicide at AAPKisanRally Raises Questions.

Suicide Note Left by the Farmer.

Tweeps have lashed out on media’s role as well as BJP leaders’s stupid statements on the issue of farmer’s suicide at AAPKisanRally.

They have put up few questions which could be food for thought for media as well as the political parties.



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