AAPWar Makes Funny Poem “Ten Little Aaptards” Go Viral

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Present scenario in Aam Aadmi Party which has resulted because of series of sting operations and rift between Arvind Kejriwal vs Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan. Its indeed bad that Kejriwal has failed to resolved it within the party and the whole matter has made AAP a butt of joke every where.

Its a boon for BJPians and Modi Bhakts who had earlier sulked into depression when AAP and Kejriwal made a historic win in Delhi elections. Now, their faces are back with “smileys” 🙂 as they get a hope that if such situations are continued within AAP, then Arvind Kejriwal will not be much of competition to Narendra Modi during 2019 elections.



AAPWar Makes Funny Ten Little AAPTards Go Viral

AapKaSting and AapWar has made all Modi Bhakts swung back to action on social media who are leaving little chance to trend these anti-AAP hashtags. This has also made a revised version of an old funny classic go viral over the social media. The funny poem is titled Ten Little AAPtards and it talks (in a funny way) about how AAP’s strength is reducing with every controversy. Since it sounds fit to the current war situation in AAP, people have loved to share it so much that has made it viral.

The original author for Ten Little AAPtards is not clearly known, however, we could trace it to a user Shefali Vaidya who seem to have tweeted it just a little ago. In her profile, she has claimed to be a newspaper columnist and a photographer.

Take a look at this viral funny poem “Ten Little AAPTards“.

Ten little Aaptards in their topis so fine
Bharti did a midnight raid and then there were nine

Nine little aaptards, their jhadoos pointing straight
Binny quit in disgust and then there were eight

Eight little aaptards, in search of an anarchist heaven
Prashant lost a plebiscite and then there were seven

Seven little aaptards, lookin for a quick media fix
Shazia became ‘communal’, and then there were six

Six little aaptards, cunning, not naive
Ashu took english lessons and then there were five

Five little aaptards, saying Sorry‬ at the door
Raghu got slapped and then there were four

Four little aaptards, all bahut krantikaari
Meera lost her deposit, and then there were three

Three little aaptards, did Dharna‬ on a cue
Rakhi lost her jhadoo and then there were two

Two little aaptards, having fun on an anshan
Salim got inked, and then there was one

One little aaptard, sulking in the sun
Topival went to jail, and then there were none!


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