Disclaimer: Articles on this website are fake and a work of fiction and not to be taken as genuine or true. इस साइट के लेख काल्पनिक हैं. इनका मकसद केवल मनोरंजन करना, व्यंग्य करना और सिस्टम पर कटाक्ष करना है नाकि किसी की मानहानि करना.
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Yes and we are very proud of the fact that we are Fake. The stories that you find on Mind The News are mostly fake. Why Mostly? It is because when we started, we were writing about usual news articles. But, eventually we became India’s leading News Satires & Fake news site. So, you may still find few of our earlier articles (which were not Fake).


The stories posted on our portal is a work of fiction. That is, we use our imagination to convert a breaking news into a totally fake yet funny story. We also base our stories based on many funny / witty one liners.

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Another important aspect of our stories is that, either these are written by different authors or based on inputs from our users/readers. Hence, they may have something which could be offending to you but then, it is not real and it is totally fake. So, don’t take them seriously and if you have a poor digestion for satires & such fake stories, best option would be to leave.

Like any other site or channel, our posts may also sometime sound biased but don’t blame us for that. These days most of the leading news channels, sites and magazine proudly flaunt this. Remember, kind of people like Anupam Kher, Pahlaj Nihalani – who have openly claimed to be “Chamcha of Modi“. So, we may also be chamcha of somebody but not Modi’s, certainly. We prefer to be a chamcha of some one who is educated and more civilized than Modi and his types.

Another important reason behind we being biased is – You i.e. users. For example, if we write criticizing some one (like Modi etc) and we see more likes, shares and comments for the post then we shall be biased a bit to continue to write that way (you know, at the end of day it is all about business). However, still we try to write mocking other people/celeb/political figures.

Why to write Fake News?

Because, there are many out there who are writing and reporting about usual news stories which are boring. So, why not have some fun with the news as well. Hence, fake.

Moreover, it is a good way to vent out your anger against the wrong aspects of our system, people, celebrities & politicians.

How to Read Fake News & Satires?

Not everyone can read and digest fake news stories or satires, as they often called as. So, if you are one who is suffering from high Blood Pressure, has suffered a heart attack or has a weak heart or if you are hyperactive or high on stress, then it is certainly not for you.

Remember, only brave hearts can read such satires. So, sorry all of you weak hearts – but please leave.

How do we create such news satires?

We use as many resources as possible to come up with just one news satire. For example, when there is a breaking news about some politicians giving a stupid statements (which, they do in most of the cases) or an offending statement, we just pick up that as well as many users /people’s responses from Social media to come up with a satire to mock that.

We use plenty of pics / memes (from internet) to write our satirical / fake story. Pics plays a big role in such stories. When we are sure about the original creator of the photo /pic /any media, we try to give a credit back to him/her. But mostly, for the pics sourced from internet /social media, it is not at all possible to find the source. Hence, no credit can be given in such cases.

We even use morphed pics or ourselves create morphed photos to create the fake content. After all, fake content or satire is nothing but a morphed content.

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