After the Samajwadi Party Split, Is The Nation Going to Witness a Nasty Congress Split?

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The country witnessed a split and patch up of the Samajwadi party just before the elections which are to be held in the month of February. On similar lines, world’s oldest political party, Congress is following the same track.

Rahul Gandhi after being mocked by media, social media and political leaders, especially by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, lost his patience and burst out crying when he was booed by his audience in the auditorium.


He said, “It’s been long that I have been under immense pressure from Congress and my Mommy to act like I am not supposed to. Finally, I want to confess, I have been a great fan of Modi ever since he became the chief minister of Gujarat in 2002. His policies and his work has always motivated me and kept me ignited to work for the country. I hereby declare that I am resigning from Congress and making my way towards my own freedom by joining BJP.”

Post his announcement, many Congress leaders were seen to be saying that Rahul is just a kid and all he does is kid’s play and thus all he says should not be taken seriously at all.


This post has been submitted by Umang Bhambri.


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