AIB Knockout Roast – Our Fukcing Response [Video]

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Ever since, AIB knockout – roast with Karan, Ranveer and Arjun video got banned, many people and sites have voices their opinions. Quite surprisingly, there are not just few but many who are supporting this nonsense shit that happened in the AIB knockout. Then, on the second thought, that may be because they themselves look forward to getting equal support if and when they themselves do something similar or even worse than All India Bakchod’s knockout roast.


The only common factor based on which all of them have been supporting is – freedom of speech. Nonsense! Poor chaps don’t realize if freedom of speech is all about that shit, then it is better to limit it before it gets too dirty.

Our challenge to AIB team as well as all those who have supported it – go and try using the same language in your homes in front of your mother and sisters and if you find them enjoying, we shall also start supporting it.

Below video is our fukcing response to the AIB knockout roast shit. If you prefer reading it, then you can click here.


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