AIB’s Unoffended: the Anti-Chill Campaign. Love or Hate Them But Do Watch This Hilarious Video.

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Once again AIB brings out a new spoof video. This time it’s about Chill and the terror of Chill. (notice the sarcasm). The infamous comic group’s video is a response to the backlash. They faced because of their “Knockout“. Yes, the one that featured Karan Johar, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. This video features an ensemble star cast.
AIB has given the nation what they have always wanted to know. Yes, AIB’s video stars our very own Arnab Goswami. Mr. Arnab Goswami in the video gives a speech, Sounds familiar? But this time it is about peace. The impossible has happened Mr. Goswami in the video talks about PEACE AND BEING CALM. Believe me I quote “I don’t believe in outrage. I believe in being calm and listening to people and taking deep breaths. I believe in being calm.”

This AIB video titled “unoffended” is a take on India’s love for taking offence about anything and everything.

Starring in this video are Anurag Kashyap (bulk offence supplier), Vishal Dadlani (Like Raghu, but nicer), Milind Deora (guitar bajane waala cool neta), Suhel Seth (bulk news byte giver for hire), Russell Peters (without a shirt) and Raghu Ram in a bottle appearance including the AIB members.

They all in their own ways explain how taking offence-taking is an industry in India. They explain the need and voice-out the need for taking offence. The video has about 4, 15,498 views and they are increasing. So, if you like AIB or not, the video is a must watch. Go ahead take offence or join the CHILL gang. But before you watch it here’s a piece of advice.
NOTE: Be careful the content in the video is hilarious, humorous, influential and thought provoking. View it at your own risk. Children under the age of 14 are not advised. Parent’s discretion is must.

They have another video which features the making and the deleted clips.


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