Is freedom of speech all about the shit that happened in AIB Knockout Roast?

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We Indians just love to be American. Ohh yes! Though we like Indi pop even in disco, we have status updates like “listening to Bryan Adams” on facebook every weekend. Even if we are a big fan of those mesmerizing eyes of Aishwarya, we will only accept that we admire Angelina Jolie more. We might stop washing hands if at all we get a chance to get an autograph of Shahrukh on it, but we will never agree that we believe that Shahrukh is hotter than Brad Pitt.

We enjoy every bit of ‘Tarak Mehta ka ulta chashma” but our favorite tv shows will always be “The big bang theory” and “Desperate housewives” (Only when someone asks).

And this love of trying to be American though being an Indian by heart does not end here. To prove that how ‘cool’ we are ‘just like the Americans are’, we goto the extend of loving the things we actually hate!

All India Bakchod Knockout roast‘ is a perfect example of this confusing personality of Indians. AIB has been coming up with videos which made fun of about anything and everything possible in India. But this time it was the limit. The first roast was on the latest heartthrobs of bollywood, ‘Ranvir Singh’ and ‘Arjun Kapoor’. The show was hosted by Karan Johar and so a lot of roast was for him too.

After the Maharashtra government poked it’s nose into this matter, this video was finally taken out by AIB from the youtube early today. However by this time our so called open minded Indian’s are already having a soft corner for AIB.  The video has several other shares and is already viral in the social media.

It starts with a statutory warning just like the ciggrette cases do that it might be harmful for your children under 18 years who have access to the YouTube and to the internet. Well i might have to face a question on this that ‘as if AIB is the only source of adult contents to the kids’. No! certainly not! but i can say shows like ‘AIB’ is much more harmful than those adult contents that our kids have access too.

Such shows will assure a teenager that it’s ‘cool’ to use the language their rolemodels like ‘Ranveer’ and ‘Arjun’ are using, that it’s okay to call a friend ‘motherfu***’ in front of his mother, that to be broadminded, you have to be as abusive as possible.

We watched the video, and we enjoyed. We enjoy everything so many things that is wrong and the enjoyment does’nt make it right. The entire bollywood too enjoyed it. The front row of the audience included “Ms. Why did you talk about my cleavage” (Deepika Padukone), who almost laughed out her lungs when KJO mentioned that, ‘the last good thing Ranveer Singh was ‘into’, was Deepika Padukone’. What a sport man! Deepika, we will always remember you as a lady who stood up for her pride against a TOI reporter’s cheap comment and blushed like a newly wed on KJO’s 100 times more cheeper comment.


Another beautiful lady in the front row was having a gala time. She usually makes people ‘Khamosh’ but this time she had a ticket worth Rs.4000 to get insulted so how could she let anyone be ‘Khamosh’? Yes she was none other than ‘Sonakshi Sinha’, who was ready to give four tight slaps to KRK when he made a lame comment on her butt. But here on AIB Knockout roast, she was ready to take all the ‘ifs’ and ‘butts’ of jokes.


All these people who kept talking about ‘women empowerment’ and complimenting women in the past, were talking nonstop shit about how they sleep with and can sleep with any women for two hours. Karan Johar of course talked about his positions when he sleeps with guys. And they kept reminding in the form of Ashish Shakya and Tanmay that how ugly it is to be black and how bad it is to be fat.

As truly mentioned by Raghu Ram that a few abusive words from him just got AIB 50 views. So that is what they are doing, they are just getting views. They have nothing to do with sex education or women empowerment. All they are doing is getting views on Youtube. And if you think that raising a roast like this and doing charity is fine, then just imagine will you be able to handle if your kid decides to do charity next time. If yes then just be ready to get fuc**d up by your own children (This is how AIB would say :))

And again as a true Indian…please don’t ask that bugged up question of yours, ‘In India is it okay to rape and not okay to talk about sex?’. Sex and rape are different things you moron! And We are opposing abusive language here not sex education. Clear??


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