Americans Gifting Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Donald Trump.

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Trump haters are sending him Samsung Galaxy note 7 as gifts everyday. These people ordered the smartphone before Samsung stopped it’s sale and are gifting the smartphones to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a businessman, television producer and a politician who is the Republican party nominee for President of USA 2016. He is popularly known for his obnoxious statements made in past. He is contesting presidential elections against Hilary Clinton from the Democrats.

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7 cases of fire were reported in Samsung galaxy note7 replacement phones. Five in United states of America, one in South Korea and one in Taiwan. These cases did not just damage Samsung phones but also damaged consumer’s trust and Samsung’s goodwill.

People were heartbroken and planned to avoid buying Samsung smartphones until this idea struck them. Loads of people started gifting their own Note 7 smartphones or new Note 7 smartphones to Trump.

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Trump haters are doing it anonymously and Trump is still receiving these smartphones. After receiving loads of smartphones Trump tweeted saying no matter how much people try to stop him by sending him Samsung smartphones, he will make out of this alive and help America create a great future.

The tweet made even more people aware of the practice and Trump ended up getting more Samsung smartphones.

3 anonymous senders came out for Mind The News but requested us to keep them anonymous. They came all the way to India to visit us for this article. Let’s assume their names are A, B and C.

A is a housewife in Tulsa. She said she was terrified by the fact that Samsung Note 7 is burning. She had the phone and she has kids in her house. She admitted that sending Trump the phone was her idea. She got irritated by him to an extent that she sent him her phone and wished his death.

B is a supporter of Clinton and found no better way to send threats to Trump. He was on cloud nine when he got to know many more people did the same thing.

C is an elementary school kid who used up his savings to get the phone and send it to trump. He dislikes Trump because he made his 3 years old  sister cry by trying to play with her. He showed up with his parents who totally support what he did.


A,B and C were enough for us to conclude that a large number of Americans simply hate Trump and Samsung Galaxy note 7.

In other news, Samsung is expected to start selling hot dogs on streets from January 2017. Recently “one” of the Samsung CEO’s father called him and said ‘Beta tumse na ho payega.’

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The CEO thought upon the piece of advice from his father. He is planning to keep a proposal to change the type of business Samsung is doing. His first suggestion is to sell hot dogs. Sales of Samsung will apparently drop once US presidential election gets over. The company should be ready for the upcoming loss and should prepare a backup plan in case people stop buying electronics made by Samsung. Making hot stuff is Samsung’s expertise. At least Hot dogs are supposed to be hot.


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