Amyra Refused to Kiss & Wear Bikini for Mr X. 30 Most Interesting Facts About Bollywood Newcomer Amyra Dastur.

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Amyra Dastur has become a well known name at such a young age. Born in a Parsi, conservative family, she is an actress unlike other Bollywood actress’ of today’s time. She has already done many TV commercials and has acted in Tamil and Hindi movies. She is next to be seen in Mr X acting alongside Emraan Hashmi. There are many things, however, which most people still don’t know about this low-profile actress.

Here are the unknown facts about Amyra Dastur which would better explain the actress’ journey so far, her family background, nature, vital stats, career and movies and many more things.


Amyra Dastur – Facts About Family Background & Education, Vital Stats

(1) Amyra Dastur is a Parsi and can speak English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil and French.

(2) She was born on 7th May, 1993 in Mumbai. Amyra was born as Amy Rohinton Dastur.

(3) She started her secondary education from Dhirubhai Ambani International School but dropped out to pursue modeling and acting.

(4) Amyra is currently pursuing B.Com from HR college, Mumbai.

(5) Amyra Dastur’s Height is 5 feet 6 inches and her weight is 48 Kgs. Her vital stats – 34-24-34. She has black hair and brown eyes.

Amyra’s Career, Bollywood Debut, Net Worth


(6) She made a debut at a young age of just 15 years and did modeling initially in commercials like Dove, Vodafone, Clean and Clear and Micromax.

(7) Amyra’s debut Bollywood movie was Manish Tiwari’s Issaq acted alongside Prateik Babbar in the year 2013. She has also acted in Tamil film Anegan which has been dubbed in Telugu as Anekudu.

(8) Amyra has not won any award as yet. Her net worth is not more than 5 Crore with an annual earning of around 1 Crore. Not much as per Bollywood standards but not bad at such a young age!

(9) She had to compete with 200 more girls for grabbing a role of Bachchi Kashyap in Issaq. The film Issaq is based on Shakespeare’s famous novel Romeo and Juliet.

(10) Amyra was just 14 years old When she was selected in the audition for Issaq.

(11) Issaq’s audition was not the first one she had appeared for. She had done many many more auditions prior to Issaq but was rejected every time.

(12) Since, she was quite hopeless during audition for Issaq, she didn’t give it very seriously but still she had the luck in her favor and was selected.

(13) She had to undergo a ten days intensive workshop to improve her Hindi speaking skills before she was finally selected for her role in Issaq.

Personal Nature of Amyra Dastur – Not a Romantic Person


(14) Amyra Dastur’s a shy and introvert person. She is too scared of the glamour world as she started it all such an early age. She is also quite pessimistic.

(15) She is very superstitious person and would never reveal anything about her new offers and plans until she has signed on the dotted line. She also never opens an umbrella under the roof as she considered it to be a bad omen.

(16) Amyra Dastur can  not speak Hindi well. She is more proficient in English and Gujarati speaking. However, she is working hard at improving her Hindi speaking skills so as not to face any problem while acting in Bollywood films.

(17) She is not a romantic person and hates flowers and candles.

(18) She would love to do an adventure sport like Jet Skiing on her date.

(19) Amyra loves to study as well and has no plans to leave her studies for acting or modeling.

Amyra’s Bollywood Aspirations


(20) Even at such a young age, she is quite fascinated with an idea of doing an off-beat movie as well beside doing a commercial one.

(21) Amyra has a strong desire to work with famous film maker Sanjay Leela Bhansali and wants to pair with actors like Arjun Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor.

(22) At a fashion event where both Amyra and Prateik were participating, Amyra was proposed by Prateik. Pratiek went down on his knees and proposed to his on-screen ladylove.

Facts About Amyra Dastur Acting in Mr X Alongside Emraan Hashmi


(23) Amyra Dastur has paired with serial kisser Emraan Hashmi for Mr X. Due to the bold image of Emraan, she was quite apprehensive about saying yes for this movie.

(24) She was quite nervous for initial few days of shooting for Mr X. Actor Emraan Hashmi had to help ease out things for her using his humor.

(25) Amyra had two smooches with Emraan in the film Mr. X. Out of which one was shot under water and without Emraan Hashmi actually being there as he is an “invisible man” in the film. For this underwater kissing scene, she choked many times since there was no oxygen tank. She repeatedly keep coming to top to gain her breadth.

(26) Emraan played lots of pranks at the sets of Mr X. Since, he was acting invisible man, Emraan suggested Amyra to kiss Bislery water bottle and even Lollypop to make the scene look real.

(27) Amyra’s character (Milli Arora) of an undercover agent in Mr X is inspired from Angelina Jolie’s 2010 thriller Salt.

(28) She had to lose weight extensively to make her debut in Bollywood. She went down from 75 to 45 Kgs. However, sources revealed that she had to again gain some weight for her characater in Mr X.

(29) She will also be seen romancing on-screen with Nagarjuna’s younger son Akhil Akkineni in an untitled film due to be released by end of 2015.

(30) While shooting for Tamil film Anegan, Dhanush (her co-star in the film) accidentally punched during a stunt sequence. However, Dhanush felt bad and apologetic for the incident.

Amyra – An Animal Lover

(31) Amyra Dastur is also a big animal lover. In fact, she lashed out at Delhi Zoo officials when they decided to put down the white tiger named Vijay who had accidentally killed a teenager sometime in 2014. She even signed an online petition against this and asked her fans also to support it, tweeting;

“For all those who love animals, I urge you to support the cause to save the Tiger at the Delhi Zoo (sic).”

Here are the official links to Amyra Dastur’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts. Amyra Dastur’s official twitter account and Facebook page.

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