Do you still remember The “Janta Maaf nahi Karegi” advt. Modiji? [Open Letter]

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We all remember the very famous “Janta maaf nahi Karegi” advts. by #BJP which were made to show us how ‘We’, the ‘Janta’ won’t forgive those who did not give us a good governance.

Being super emotional public, we all actually did not forgive the Congress government and voted happily and heavily for #BJP. But with this great quality of being emotional, we Indians are also good at one more thing and that is ‘getting fooled’.


Yes we understood from the advt that we should not vote for the one who did not work for us. But we were fooled by just ignoring the fact that how the ones who will be elected will help us to come out of these problems.

It’s time we should rewind and remember why we did not forgive the last government. It’s time we should make our PM Narendra Modi remind of the fake promises he did during the election campaigns!

Dear Mr. Narendra Modi,

Modiji, we followed you blindly when you said, ‘Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar‘ and trust me we will follow you blindly again this time when you are saying ‘Ab ki baar Bedi Sarkaar’. But! before that can you answer these questions that we have for you?

Modiji Do you remember this ‘Mother’, who was worried about her daughter? Do you remember that you asked her to say it on camera that she will not forgive the people who did not give safety to her daughter? If you do, then you might also remember how you promised her that her daughter will be taken care of only if she votes for you. And she did! But do you know whose mother is she? She is the mother of the 27 year old lady who got raped in a cab on 5th December 2014 in Delhi, the same place where you operate from. She is the mother of all those girls who were raped, thrown acids on or murdered for dowry in your country after you were elected as a PM by her.

Do you have an answer for her now?

janta Maaf nahi karegi Modi ji

No…I am sure you don’t have an answer for this mother but if she asks you the question again and again, you will rather divert her attention to your ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan‘. You might even end up taking a selfie along with her while cleaning a road in Delhi. We agree, we need a clean country and we all support you for this noble cause but before getting clean roads can we get clean minds? Before showing respect to our lifeless monuments by not peeing or spitting on them can we show some respect to the living girls of our country by not raping and teasing them?

Now here’s one more face for you to recollect and remember Modi ji! This was your advt. run in Maharashtra. Do you remember him? Please!! Come on! at least try to remember him! I know how hard it might be for you to remember him after meeting so many people in so many countries in just a few months.

Let me remind you Modi ji! He is the torch bearer of your ‘Make in India‘ campaign! Ohh! you don’t believe me because your ‘Make in India’ campaign has some well-known faces like ‘Ambani’ and ‘Adani’ and not a poor farmer?

You are trying hard to convince the NRIs to invest in India. And for that you are even bribing them by giving goodies like ‘Visa on arrival’. But can you please have a look at the people who are already investing their hard earned money in India. These people are the poor farmers who grow food for you and for all of us to live but unfortunately they have to die by committing suicide as you remember them only on elections.

There are many more questions Modi ji! The questions, which were raised by you but were never answered. The questions that you asked the Congress government but act deaf when asked to the BJP government. The questions which are buried under the ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan’ and ‘Make in India’ project.

Its high time that you start delivering Mr. Prime Minister or else “Janta Maaf nahi Karegi”.


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