An Open Letter to Soul of Rappers- Yo Yo Honey Singh

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yo-yo-honey-singh-char-bottle-vodkaDear Yo Yo Honey Singh,

I am writing this letter to express my utmost gratitude to you for changing the kids of today like never before. Not a single day passes by when I don’t see the kids around me not affected by your songs and language of the music making them feel extremely proud and colorful to be born in this generation and being associated with a great singer like you.

With words like Vodka, Short Skirt, suck and many of similar rhyming four-letter words, its great to know that the tiny tots who don’t even know how to speak properly only eat when the Yo Yo Honey Singh Char bottle Vodka song is on! The kids now know the meaning of Vodka much before their age and telling them the fact that one can dance for long with one glass of vodka comes as a surprise because the way you explained to such smart toddlers, nobody could have.

I once again thank you from bottom of my heart that finally we understood the importance of Govinda’s sarkao-ed his Khatiya song which till date we could increase the volume for such a song. But after listening to your numbers, that number is surely worth listening.

One more thing, you made our life easier. You know why? Because we don’t have to explain the value of Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar and Madam Mohan sorts music. Its no point even putting the efforts because they don’t find any music into their songs, no number to dance on it so for them its not music. For them music is Yo Yo Honey Singh one.

Lastly, its better if we throw off all the CD of the renowned music composers and singers of olden times known as the oldies golden era because now its no point keeping them for our next gen even.

For them we are the oldies and we don’t know the meaning of true music which is only and only Yo Yo Honey Singh music like Char Bottle Vodka, Jumma Chumma and what not. All thanks to you again!

I am sure the Party toh yun hi chalegi ab, because its Honey Singh Era after all!

Your’s Sincerely.

Delhi Poetry Slam’s Rene Verma’s Open Letter to Yo Yo Honey Singh [Viral Video]


Delhi girl Rene Verma from Delhi Poetry Slam has given a befitting reply to the demeaning lyrics of the singer via an open letter to Yo Yo Honey Singh in this video which has already gone viral.

Rene’s reply to the singer starts with a rap itself,

“Yo main South Delhi da launda, driving 180 in a big, fast Honda. I went to dhaba and I ate aloo-bonda. I am running out of office to see Anaconda…”

Rene has done a wonderful job of reminding the singer about his most stupid lyrics and slams his objectification of women:

“I’m not an ambraan di queen or a kudi namkeen… I am not blue eyes, hypnotise. Mein choti dress mein bomb nahin lagti, yaar…”


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