The Arnold of Punjab – Inspiring Story of Anand Arnold, India’s First Wheel Chair Bound Body Builder Will Make You Speechless.

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Anand Arnold is India’s first wheel chair bound body builder – Muscle on Wheels is the perfect title for him. However, his disability has not been a deterrent in any way and he has received numerous awards and recognition in the field of Body building. Anand Arnold’s life has been a source of inspiration for so many people that very soon a Bollywood movie is being planned on his life.


Anand – The Arnold of Punjab.

Anand who comes from Ludhiana, Punjab is called as Arnold of Ludhiana. And why not? Look at his upper body physique and you will wonder how could he do it when he was bound to just his wheel chair. There is a great story behind that.

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Anand Arnold has always been fond of body building ever since the age of 13. By the age of 15 years, he was already training other people in body building. But the destiny had something even more challenging for him. He was diagnosed with a cancer in the lower spine and had to be operated immediately. This made him lose control over his lower body and all he could do was to movie hands.

He remained in depressed state for three years and spent most of the time on bed. It is then, a groups of old friends thought of doing something to get him started with body building again.


They insisted him to start going to gym once again and start doing exercises. They provided all the help they could to make him start with body building all over again. It was tough but his strong determination paid off and he went on to become a famous and India’s first wheel chair bound body builder and represented at many state and national level tournaments and even won medals and awards.

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Here are some of the most astonishing facts one must know about Arnold of Punjab i.e. Anand Arnold;

  • Anand, who hails from Punjab, India, began bodybuilding at the age of 13.  Call it God’s gift or good genes, Arnold was able to develop a spectacular physique within a few months of enrolling in the gym and soon started participating in local competitions with bodybuilders twice his age.By the time Arnold turned 15, he already had several students training under him, and his physique became a topic of conversation amongst the biggest bodybuilding names in Punjab.
  • At the age of 15, he was diagnosed with cancer in his lower spinal cord, and quickly underwent an operation which left him paralysed and bed bound for three long years.
    Depressed by his condition, he lost the zest for everything he was passionate about and isolated himself from the world. There were many who made fun of him but everything changed when some of Anand’s previous students decided to intervene and began forcing him to start working out at the gym with them.
    Now wheelchair bound, Anand started training again, and was determined not to let his disability hold him back.
    Pumping iron without leg support is a near impossibility, but Arnold was determined and figured out a way to do it. He would tie himself to the bench from the waist with a heavy belt-this helped him avoid slipping off the bench and focus on building his upper body.
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    Within a year of re-entering the gym, Arnold was back in form and began participating in bodybuilding competitions at the age of 20. He has represented India globally, won the Mr India bodybuilding title three times and has been declared Mr Punjab 12 times.
  • Today at 28, he’s the official brand ambassador for two leading international brands in India, Hale Life Nutrition and Muscle Mania. American author Allen Woodman wrote a book on Arnold’s life and struggles, titled, Weightless: A True Story Of Courage And Determination; he has also recently been approached by two Bollywood directors to make a movie on his life, he tells us. Arnold has won bodybuilding competitions all over the world but his strongest muscle will always be his undying spirit. “I don’t know how my story will end, but nowhere in my text will it ever read-I GAVE UP.” This is Anand Arnold’s status on WhatsApp and his mantra for life. Physically, he is confined to a wheelchair, but his spirit can never be bound.

We are sure if and when a movie is made on his life, it will definitely help many others like him to get back their lost life due to any kind of disability. Long live, Anand Arnold. May God Bless you.


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