Apple to Introduce New Clothing Line called iClothes, $200 for a Black Shirt.

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The company behind the creation of questionable smartphones, Apple Inc has announced they will enter the worldwide retail industry by introducing an Apple branded clothing line called iClothes. The company has decided to take such steps due to the redundancy of the technological sector whereas the retail sector offers a lot of prospects in terms of buyers and their fickle minds.


Clothes that will be available in Apple’s iClothes collection are a simple black shirt, blue jeans, white collared shirt, black shoes etc. all embossed with the Apple logo of the half eaten apple. The price of the clothes begin at $200 for the black shirt, increasing to $500 for the jeans and at minimum $700 for the shoes. Competitors to the Apple clothing line can be Kanye West’s clothing line selling plain white shirts for almost $250 per piece.

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The introduction of this new clothing created a buzz among die-hard fans of Apple products with some going as far as to sell their kidneys to buy a wardrobe of the cutting edge clothes. Bob, an Apple die-hard fan, said, ‘Have you ever seen a black shirt? That too with a logo?! I’ve pre-booked the whole collection by selling my house and emptying my savings account. But it is definitely worth it! Worth every penny.’ Sadly after a week of this interview, Bob was found homeless and struggling for food, but wearing the Apple clothing line, no matter.

There is no proper clarification about the quality of the clothes or the raw materials used, but reports suggest they are just generic material clothes that cost less than $10 to make, which makes Apple’s profit margin almost 150% compared to when they sold iPhones. Other special features of the clothes are pockets where you can keep the iPhone instead of carrying it in hand and an option for larger pockets where you can keep the iPad.

The current clothing line is numbered at 1.0 suggesting the company will keep updating their products similar to the numbered iPhones, with mini versions for toddlers and infants, of course. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has said, ‘If only Steve Jobs were alive to see where the company has reached at present…’


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