Apple iPhone118 Launched Only in India. It can Read Your Mind & Has “Siri” & “Giri”.

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The new Apple iPhone 118 has been launched specifically in India, the makers of the new iPhone have tried a new sales tactic by allowing the product to launch in a ‘not-so-important’ country first and to keep the West waiting.

It has been the late co-founder, Steve Jobs long lost dream to make the third world countries feel important.


Normally, the Indian population would have to wait months before even watching a movie that is released in the West, so by doing this, Apple inc. has revolutionized traditional concepts of keeping the colored waiting.

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In an attempt of bringing a newer look to the device, Apple has brought out a 8.27 x 11.69 inches phone and has made it with nothing but glass. This was done in order to make the iPhone even more fragile so as to force customers into fixing their broken screens twice the number of times they already do.

They have also made it as thin as paper so that customers can slit the throats of anyone who annoys them.

The new iPhone helps in self-defense as well.

When not on, the iPhone 118 resembles the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter, it becomes utterly transparent so that owners of the iPhone fail to locate it and accidentally sit on it instead.

The home button does not exist in the iPhone 118. Instead, it has voice recognition that will be activated as soon as you purchase the device. How do you open it, then? Why, by simply singing the chorus line of Skylar Grey’s “I’m coming home”

No matter how horrible your voice sounds, you will have to sing it if you wish to open that phone. The new apple device also helps in fixing self-esteem issues!

The new iPhone offers a magnanimous 5723 GB memory for all us selfie addicts! They have definitely acknowledged our need for space.

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There are changes in the inbuilt intelligent assistant, there earlier existed only ‘Siri’ but now we have ‘Giri’ as well, who assists in whatever way you need. They have contributed in promoting sexism by saying that Siri is for women and Giri is for men. You can activate Siri if you need her to talk dirty to you, or Giri , if you simply need directions.

It also comes with the “read your mind” feature, so you music lovers need not have earphones at all, your iPhone will read your mind and play the music out loud. Say you’re at a funeral and you phone will instantly play ‘Candy Shop by 50 Cent’ out loud for your entertainment.

The iOS287 will allow you to experience all of this and more!

The new iPhone 118 comes with the iCroc. Apple and Crocs have come together in a harmonious partnership which will allow you to use the device while wearing the Crocs and moving your hands all around and waving them up in the air and doing the Macarena.

There is also there iBall, the iCecream and the iCeskating that Apple has now bestowed upon the world.

Boy, they weren’t kidding when they said that they had something big coming!

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