Baba Ramdev to Launch Desi Herbal P0rn Site – Fukcanjali. Sunny Leone to Be The Brand Ambassador.

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It has become a habit with Baba Ramdev to bring in desi herbal versions of everything in the market, be it noodles or shampoo or rice. He is one person who has taken the Make In India campaign rather seriously.

Baba Ramdev’s Desi P0rn Site – Fukcanjali (Fakanjali).

Now, he has taken things to the next level. So much so is his demand and popularity and his greed that he has decided to make desi herbal version of p0rn (will people be using leaves instead of condoms? I don’t understand). The name chosen is very subtle, Fukcanjali and I won’t care to elaborate on it, because the readers are smart enough to understand what THAT means.

According to the sources, Ramdev’s growing attraction towards women is one of the major drives behind Fukcanjali. This horniness of Ramdev came into light a few days ago when he was performing yoga with Shilpa Shetty on the same platform.

baba ramdev p0rn site fukcanjali
बाबा रामदेव शिल्पा शेट्टी को प्यार भरी नज़र से देखते हुए. यही है वह स्पेशल moment जब बाबा का औरतों के प्रति आकर्षण बड़ा और बाबा ने फकंजलि शुरू करने की सोची.

Elaborating on the whole Fukcanjali programme, Baba Ramdev said in an interview to our channel that all the actors acting in the p0rn will be desi and all the positions will be yoga based (woah, imagine him starring in the trailers of these p0rns, just to let the world know what exotic-ness to expect).

He believes that it will be beneficial for the health of people too. Apart from yoga, Kaamdev, pardon me, Ramdev will heavily draw from the concepts of Kamasutra.

The good news for all the porn consumers out there (which is, like almost all humanity) is that the brand ambassador of Fukcanjali will be none other than the woman who have herself had a lot of experience in this field and is an expert – Sunny Leone!! Fukcanjali will have full support of Leone and she said that she would go to any lengths (if you know what I mean) to make Fukcanjali a success.

सनी लिओने योगा पे आधारित पोर्न फकंजलि के कलाकारों को सिखाती हुई.

The growing closeness of relationship between Baba Ramdev and Sunny is said to be the reason why Sunny is taking the pains ( ;p) to work for Ramdev. Well, the good news is that, since Ramdev is close to the BJP and an asset to them, it is a surety that his p0rn site won’t be banned-ever. So people can rejoice in that! Desi, herbal, Fukcanjali, will be available on Google as soon as Ramdev decides to shed the remaining of his clothes (which isn’t a lot) and flaunts his oh, so handsome body.

इस गर्मा-गर्म आर्टिकल को हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए, यहाँ क्लिक करें. 🙂


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