Baba Ramdev to Contest The Next Delhi Elections.

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Yes, you heard it right! After over-shadowing all the other Babas sprawling all over the nation and taking toll of many FMCG products, the much-hyped yoga-guru is deciding to take on the next CM candidacy. Looks  like, he is not satisfied even after shaking the paths of giant MNCs and gurus, and there’s no stopping for our Ramdev baba.


According to reliable sources, Ramdev , at a recent event, was asked whether he will ever think of stepping into politics. In retaliation he said, “well, baba apne pair aur failaana chahta hai aur Paschim-uttanaasan karte hue Delhi ka CM banna chahta hai, kyuki , Delhi ko ek mansikk aur sharirik roop se swasth  CM ki bohot zarurat hai. To ab bohot hua khaasna, ab baba sab ko thik karega”.

After hearing such a statement, Kejriwal said, “Ramdev sir, you had the choice to slap me in public, or slander me on twitter. Then why are you thinking of electing for the CM seat? Who gave you this modi-sh  idea?”

Well, who knows when and who will be the next CM of Delhi and if Ramdev baba really goes by his words in future, Kejriwal should start working-out to face the presumable jolts that could come from our baba.

This post has been submitted by Akanksha sharma.


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