Baba Ramdev is Now an Obese Baba, Eats Only KFC and McDonald Meals.

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Baba Ramdev was spotted yesterday at a famous mall in New Delhi. People took some time to recognize who he was because he resembled an elephant.

Baba Ramdev, who was once a fit man who vigorously led the whole country of India believe that anybody could do the crazy yoga postures he did, just by tuning into his television program every morning.

Thousands of followers are devastated by seeing this sudden change in Baba who now only finds solace chowing down a whole chicken bucket at KFC.

He seems to have unleashed his inner beast and has forgotten all his vows on being vegetarian and saving the planet and the ecosystem.

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Sources tell us that Baba Ramdev was a man who would wake up every morning at 3 and start his yoga routine till midday. This is now definitely not the case, apparently so because he now wakes up everyday at 1 in the afternoon and has strictly instructed his bhakts to pay him homage by bringing him a McSpicy burger meal and nothing else.

Baba Ramdev, who once used to captivate his followers and disciples with his intense yoga routine and impress and scare them at the same time by bulging his stomach in and out and walking around like an alien, can now no longer even tie his own shoe laces!

Yes, he has given up the wooden chappals and has started wearing woodlands, so as to protect his fat ankles from getting strained or hurt.

Doctors have advised our Baba about his unhealthy lifestyle that he has recently embraced and have warned him that if it continued to be so, he may develop gangrene if he got even a small wound because there is absolutely no circulation except when he walks to place an order in KFC or McDonald’s.

He has grown a huge belly that has officially beaten the laughing Buddha and now has, what the youngsters call, “moobs”.

This man, Baba Ramdev, who came up with the Patanjali range of products that was solely focused on amassing wealth and driving the country towards the Maggi rip-off, seems to have lost its health promoting message.

Baba, who used to clad himself in a humble saffron colored dhoti has now reached a desperate situation where all the curtains are being taken down from his palace-like home, to make clothes for the man.

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He seems to be oblivious about his weight gain and pretends like nothing has happened whenever he sits on a chair and it breaks.

Nobody could imagine that Baba Ramdev would see such a day.

Baba, a lover of fitness and a man who himself has participated enthusiastically in a football tournament and made the country so proud, has now become this self-loathing vegetable.

Using his toothbrush, face wash, wheat flour, noodles, biscuits, jeans along with his other products everyday, we cannot help but feel heavy at heart at how Baba is throwing away the little time he has in this world.

We hope that someone can knock some sense into him and get him to cut down on all the crap.


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