Baby Born On 61st Second Of December 31, Sues Self For Causing Confusion.

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The Earth: In modern timekeeping, ‘Leap Second’ was decided to add to the year 2016 back in July. This meant that 2016 was to be a little longer by one second. In an unprecedented event that took place on 31st of December, 2016, a baby sued self for having born exactly on 23:59:60 on new year’s eve of 2016, as this had led to a confusion whether the baby was born in 2016 or 2017.


The baby was reportedly depressed and did not cry loud while the baby was born. The parents of baby were in complete shock after hearing the news The doctors refused to comment on the issue.The neighbor of the family had once warned about the ‘Leap Second’ but the advice was ignored as always. In an interview with the baby, it was revealed that it was the baby’s family that had strictly instructed the nurse to keep a detailed account of the time, as that could have a mammoth effect on the zodiac of the baby. On the contrary, the timing would now lead to confusion in obtaining government identity certificates. The local government officials were left dumbstruck when approached by the baby and the family.


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