Bangalore Mass Molestation of Women – Home Minister Kidnapped, Made To Watch The Movie “Pink” In Loop.

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In a yet another shameful remark made by a politician against women, Karnataka Home Minister G. Parameshwara, had no remorse for the statement that he had made. The new year began on an embarrassing note as reports of alleged mass molestation had taken place in the capital city.

The home minister went on a record saying, “Such incidents do happen on New Year’s eve and Christmas and that they do take a lot of precautions”. The city of Bengaluru had witnessed contrasting embarrassments in two consecutive days.



He further added saying, “youngsters were almost like Westerners. They tried to copy the Westerners, not only in their mindset but even in their dressing”. Such insensitive statements did not go down well with the local group of women in the capital.

An unknown audio source claimed that the home minister was kidnapped and was made to watch the movie ‘Pink’ in a loop, in order to make him respect women and treat women with dignity. The local police suspected that the controversial audio was released by the same group.

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It is believed that the audio came from a liberated women’s group. Apparently, their aim was to teach such patriarchal people- the values that a woman carry and she must be respected for what she chose to be. The thought has been lauded by many sections of the people locally as well as nationally. Some have raised concerns about such unlawful behavior. The patriarchal section of the society is looking for an opportunity to condemn such action and teach these women a lesson of their lifetime, as they claim to do, since the beginning of late human settlement.


The state ruling party questioned the claim of kidnapping the home minister. It is said that the home minister was on a personal leave from the office. The party cadre was on streets demanding action against the alleged group of women for their daring act. They even supported the alleged mass molestation that took place very recently. They also hailed the home minister for his statements against the issue. The local police had to intervene as the law and order situation was going bad, late in the evening.


The city soon returned to its normal life. Meanwhile, the demand for DVD of movie ‘Pink’ spiked to a high, after the release of controversial audio. Several women from various section of society attempted to empower the minds of their cheap patriarchal members of the family. The director of the movie has welcomed such a move, while the producer was busy counting the cash.


However, the home minister appeared from nowhere, the day after the local police and state administration went on high alert. Soon, the home minister released a press statement apologizing to the people. The home minister also thanked the people for making him teach his lesson of a lifetime. He was quick to submit his resignation as Karnataka’s Home Minister to the CM.

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