25 Memes and Toons around Obama’s Republic Day Visit with Modi

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India is all set to celebrate the 66th Republic Day 2015 with none other than the big famous shot, US President Barack Obama. He will be the guest of honor on the day of Republic Day Parade, the Internet as a source of serious news along with funny ones, is currently flooded with funny trolls, memes and jokes on Barack Obama’s visit to the country. Here is the list of 25 funny trolls letting you know how funny his visit to India can be?

India recalls Installing CCTV Cameras with Obama Visit:

CCTV in Delhi for Obama Visit

India KO yaad aaya Badi jaldi, camera hai karna install, aaye hai Obama to karna hai security sari!

India and Traffic Jam goes as a Complimentary reward to Obama:

Traffic Jam during Obama Visit to India

Obama and his wife are very excited to be the part of never ending traffic jams of India! Enjoy the US Couple!

Like others, Barack Obama joins BJP?:

Obama to Join BJP?

No, not anymore! Obama pleases you be different and don’t follow the crowd by joining BJP! Your Motto as this to visit India, really?

Read – an Open Letter to Barack Obama.

PM Modi Taught Obama Gujju too:Obama And Modi Funny Troll

How funny it is to even imagine Obama talking Kem Cho and Mota Bhai and on contract our PM says I am good, how do you do? LOL.

Obama speaks Gujju, Really?:

Obama funny memes

Even Obama is shocked to realize that fact, but Modi KO ai Maza! Bolo Welcome to India!

Visit India, Visit Incredible Gujarat:Obama requested to visit Gujarat

Under Modi, Obama, how can you escape from visiting Gujarat? That’s unfair!

Modi-Obama Strong Bond:Meme and Jokes on Obama Visit to India

You mean, you are visiting Gujarat with me then, Oh Wow! Khadka, Phadka and Jalebi!!!

Return gifts on Republic Day Parade:Obama-Modi dummy as Return Gifts

Wow, we both look so cute at that colorful as a dummy- says Modi!

Obama’s main reason to visit India:Obama having Ganga Batha

Dupki in Gangajal! Have chilly winters with chilly Ganga waters! Hahah!

Obama’s Magic on Horse in India:Obama Horse Riding in India

Is this his way to roam the capital city of India?

Nishana Galat hai Obama, Where the point?:Funny Obama Pics

Poser you are! On Vacation and you look good!

Here is the right picture of Taj Mahal:Obama to Visit Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, One of the 7th Wonders with Wonderful man! Barack Obama!

Bollywood Actor or Actress Confusion:Obama appreciates Bollywood Talent

Talent speaks louder than words! Obama and his wife stunted!

Imagine Obama like Indian Politicians:funny Obama Trolls

LOL Moment right? Can you even imagine that?

Obama in Rahul Gandhi’s way:Barack Obama as Rahul Gandhis Way

No way Obama, Don’t be so inspired!

Thackeray and Obama Funny Troll pic:Funny Troll of Barack Obama

Can I go blind for now, please?

Funny Barack Obama as Sonia Gandhi:Funny troll of Barack Obama

Yes, I am blind, you better get one too or else you can’t digest Obama’s funny troll and memes!

Lallu Prasand with Lalu (fool) Obama:Lallu Prasad and Barack Obama

Fool or Phool (Flower)?

Second Honeymoon of Obama with his wife in Kashmir:Obama and his wife visit to India for second honeymoon

Pyaar ki kashti main! Kashmir ki Nagri mien- Obama and his wife enjoys in Kashmir!

Delhi, Dhol and Dance for Obama:Obama to enjoy in Delhi

It’s D3 fun of Obama in Delhi: Delhi, Dance on Dhol!

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama on their fun ride:Rickshaw ride for Obama Couple

Rickshaw rides a fun ride for the lovey dovey couple in India!

A Must Experience Mumbai Local Fun:Mumbai Local travel of Obama

Obama, now you know how to push people deliberately or be pushed and be out on your own? Isn’t it a unique experience?

Best Couple Picture Award:Barack Obama and Michelle Obama in India

Frame it Obama! It will be worth it!

Joyous India Visit for the Obama Couple:Obama Couple During India Visit

In love with India- Obama and his wife going to say.

Goddess of India: Obama Couple:Funny troll pic of Obama and his wife

Would you want to dress up like this in the US? Don’t worry, you will be highly appreciated! Enjoy every bit of the trip.


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