Must Know 18 Secrets Behind Barack Obama’s India Visit

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It is definitely proud news for all the Indian citizens that US President Barack Obama is going to visit India for Republic Day Celebrations for the first time. Barack Obama as a Chief Guest for Republic Day ParadeWhen US President Obama is visiting India, it definitely brings a whole lot of arrangements be it to treat him special or for his security reasons as Republic day is the day of high security and celebration for the entire country. During his visit to India starting from 25th January, US President Barack Obama will have a real tight schedule in the country. Here are some important facts for you should definitely know about Obama’s visit to India:

Barack Obama, US 44th President will be the first President of United States of America invited as a Chief Guest for the Republic Day Parade in the capital city of India, New Delhi.

Not only Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, his wife and a team will also attend the Republic Day Parade on Rajpath on 26th January 2015.

Obama does bring a troupe of others along with him to Delhi. They are:

  • 6 Aircrafts which will carry security staff from the US
  • A President’s parade, which will have 30 Cars
  • A Marine Helicopter
  • Obama’s plane, which comes equipped with the latest technology to protect him even when the nuclear attack if any, exists. Obama and his wife visit to India

It will be a three day visit of Barack Obama along with his Wife

During the 1St Day visit, Obama and Modi will have a talking session about the gamut of bilateral ties along with civil nuclear and about defense pacts.

On Day 2 visit i.e. 26th January, Obama will attend as the chief Guest for the Republic Day parade. Later during the day, he along with PM Modi will take part in Indo-US CEO roundtable.

On the third day of Obama’s visit, Barack Obama will address a town hall here with extremely high security.

Before leaving from India, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama also planned to visit one of the 7th Wonders of the World, the renowned Taj Mahal in Agra.obama-taj-mahal-visit

Before the visit of Obama in our country, there was a huge warning signal from the ISIS group about the threat from the terrorist.

During the visit of Obama, as a warning from the Intelligence Bureau suggesting Bombs can be placed anywhere, Special Cell and Crime Branch officers are searching for even the flower pots in and around the Rajpath in New Delhi and India Gate as well.

During the visit of Obama in India, high security like never before will be there and security officials will cover on the ground and air security too for Obama.

Metro Stations and other offices around the Rajpath area will be taken over for 72 hours in advance at the special request of US security personnel.obamas-security-at-rajpath

To maintain the tightest security, gunmen will also be positioned at different places and the airspace over the area will also be monitored by specially set up radar.

To have no scope of accidents, Face recognition cameras are being installed in the capital city of India at Delhi’s entry points to help identify the criminal elements and CCTV cameras will also monitor the routes taken by the US President.

US President’s 8 ton car, which is 18-feet long, is designed especially for the protection of Obama. It can withstand bombs and bullets, puncture resistant tyres, night vision camera, satellite phone and a driver, which is trained by the secret service who can also perform a 180-degree turn. It also has a direct phone line to the VP and the Pentagon.obamas-car

India has also rejected the US demand for a ‘no fly’ zone over the Rajpath where the Republic Day Parade will take place.Narendra Modi and Barack Obama

Maximum time spend by an American president outside is usually 45 minutes and reports say that Obama visit will extend the time limit (more than 2 hours) for which seems the security officials aren’t happy.

As the show time length of the Republic Day Parade has been increased, the representations on the show will also be more than last year’s 20.


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