Very Inspiring Story of Bearded Bride Harnaam Kaur Who Changes The Meaning of Beauty.

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Harnaam Kaur is a brave Sikh girl from Slough who suffers from a disease called as ovary syndrome which causes excessive hair growth on face as well as all over the body. As per her, she was just 11 years old when she started having hair on her face which gradually converted into a full beard. She would spent many hours in a week waxing to remove them but hair would appear soon again.

Update: Harnaam Kaur has made it to the Guinness records for being the youngest female with a beard. A 24-year-old British Sikh model-cum- campaigner has a six-inch-long facial hair.

Story of a bearded bride Harnaam Kaur is an inspiration for many other women.

Harnaam kaur who was a school teaching assistant had a tough time during her teenage years when she was abused at school and would be stared at in the streets.

She was almost depressed and became so self-conscious that she stopped stepping out from her home. At once, she even thought about ending her life.

Then, at the age of 16 years, she could finally gather courage to accept her facial hair. She adopted the basic principle of Sikhism that no body hair should be cut and these should be left in natural state.

Though, it was a tough decision and she didn’t have a family support as well, still Harnaam Kaur took this bold decision. She was determined that she was indeed beautiful no matter what and how she looked like or what others talked about her.

Harnaam kaur’s attitude and beauty impressed British photographer Louisa Coulthurst who thought of taking her as a next model to photograph her. She emailed Harnaam and told her about the plan and Harnaam was more than willing to accept it and took the photo-shoot which required her to be dressed and behave like a bride. The results of that photo-shoot was quite stunning and is clearly visible in the pics (see, below).





“I used to have my face waxed two to three times a week,” she told the blog Rock N Roll Bride, “and on the days I couldn’t bare the pain I would simply shave.”

Harnaam Kaur


Harnaam Kaur wants to remind people not to be too hard on themselves. “We are all imperfectly perfect,” she says.




“I told myself, ‘The energy you are putting into ending your life, put all that energy into turning your life around and doing something better.’”


Harnaam Kaur’s Bridal Photo Shoot has already gone viral.



Her advice to others? “Love yourself, YOU are the only YOU that YOU have”.




“I have now fallen in love with the elements on my body that people may call ‘flaws.’




“I wanted to show society that beauty isn’t just about looking a certain way. We are all so different, and we should all celebrate our individuality,” said Kaur.






“I love my beard, my stretch marks, and my scars,” she told Rock N Roll Bride. “These elements make me who I am, they make me whole, they make me complete.”












Harnaam Kaur says, “I used to keep my beard for religious reasons, but now I keep my hair to show the world a different, confident, diverse, and strong image of a woman.”


You can also watch the story of this bearded bride Harnaam Kaur in the below video;


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