NehruSnooped conspired and ruled india. Everything That Happened in India BecauseOfNehru

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No one had such a controversial life as India’s first PM Jawahar Lal Nehru – popularly known as a “Tharki” chacha. Every one still wonders why his name was associated with Children at all. They say, it is because of his love for kids. Or, is it his endless love (stories) that led to him being father of ‘N’ number of illegitimate children.

Whatever, be the reason Nehru has been an undisputed king of controversies and love affairs. What all could have happened in India (and the world) because of Nehru.

Nehru Snooped Subhash Chandra Bose

Before funny stuff, a bit serious insight into an important aspect of Nehru’s life. It has long been believed that Nehru was the person responsible for Subhash Chandra Bose’s death. Whenever we talk about India’s freedom fight, ironically, only two shameless people’s name come up – one is (Mahatma) Gandhi and other is (Jawaharlal) Nehru. Gandhi, who got Bhagat Singh killed and Nehru, who got Bose killed. What most people didn’t know until now is the fact that Nehru even spied on Subhash Chandra Bose and his family for a long time.


Bose wrote about Nehru in 1939 in a letter to his nephew, “Nobody has done more harm to me, than Jawaharlal Nehru.”

People from India relieved their anger about Nehru snooping Bose and his family. So, we are now sure, that snooping is one thing that happened because of Nehru.

#NehruSnooped conspired and ruled india many years with traitors.

Its amazing how one man can screw over a billion ppl over n over again while he lived and make them pay for it after hes dead #NehruSnooped.

History books must be burnt. India is poisoning future generations by making them study History by JNU Jolachap Red Chaddis. #NehruSnooped.

Gandhi-Nehru agreed with a British to hand over Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, if he landed in India

Nehru became “Chacha”, MK Gandhi became “Mahatma”. What did Bose/Bhagat/Tagore became??

#NehruSnooped I knew that guy was nothing but a greedy womanizer politician doing bad things behind the curtails.

What More Happened Because Of Nehru? [Funny Messages]


#BecauseOfNehru Congress is a national party, which have a leader name “Rahul Gandhi”.

#BecauseOfNehru India is not a permanent member of UN security council but China is. 

#BecauseOfNehru poor Shashi Tharoor & Mehr Tarar love-story have barbed wire fencing borders that’s not letting thm unite.

That expression when someone says RAHUL GANDHI can be a good PM. ALL #BecauseOfNehru.


 Irony of Indian days: birthday of a play boy is celebrated as Children’s day  #BecauseOfNehru


#BecauseOfNehru that Indians have such disdain for following any rules, while in India?


The earth revolves round the sun #BecauseOfNehru…. He hammered singularity which resulted in the big bang.

The reason why India is still developing country and not developed is #BecauseOfNehru.

#BecauseOfNehru we got a broken education system.


Nehru had the Midas screw touch. Screwed everything he touched: Economy, Foreign Policy Defence and Lady Mountbatten etc #BecauseofNehru.

Muslim women started wearing burqa only #BecauseOfNehru.

#BecauseOfNehru India became a country of dams – and a country that was damned.

#BecauseOfNehru we lost hot neighbors like Hina Rabbani & Mehr Tarar.


And not to forget an old one but still holds very true – #BecauseOfNehru we have children’s day just 9 months after Valentines day.

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