BeefBan: Eating Beef is a Bigger Crime than a Sexual Assault in India

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Maharashtra Govt.’s ban on beef has led to many questions that seem unanswerable as of now. Twitter has reacted very strongly to the ban on cow slaughter and eating beef. The question being asked by tweeple that it is not about preventing cruelty on animal because if it was so, then ban should have been imposed on chicken, goat, pork and many other animals that people eat. Aren’t they living being too?

People found it too funny that in India a crime like sexual harassment gets you a 2 year sentence but eating beef will be a 5 years sentence. Eating beef has all of sudden become a bigger crime than assaulting a woman. The only female who is respected and protected in India is cow and not woman.

Take a look at some of the interesting tweets mocking fun at the #BeefBan which gives some “food” for thought as well;



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