The Clownstar of BB 10 ! – SWAMI OM Ji.

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Let’s take one minute silence for the most trending personality Swami Om Ji a.k.a Baba Ji a.k.a Guru Ji. Entered into the Big Boss house as a spiritual gaffer, a commoner but turned into the most tweeted television star in India. Om ji making a statement; “BABA WITH CONTROVERSIES!” trending the social media and rocking the Big Boss house with his acts is gaining a lot of importance.

Touch you here! Touch you there! Accused for sexual harassment: Baba is astonishing. Turning into a comic character, he is much fit for the BB house than the reality world: say the critics.


The “Clownstar” of season 10 puts in a lot of humor by goofing around, and can be said THE PRANK MONKEY of the house. He has a bag full of tricks than bag of clothes, a bag full a stolen  shampoo bottles than spiritual sets. The guy is a real Beagle.

Love him or hate him, he is the reason Big Boss season 10 is trending. Baba is giving a new definition to the lives all devotes of god. The self styled godman is making a style statement throughout India.

Let’s pray for this new style of baba entertainment.



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