Swami Om to Join Another Reality Show – The Aam Aadmi Party.

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Swami Om after being kicked out of Bigg Boss season 10 has got the call from Delhi’s one of the best chief minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal for joining his AAP party. Swami Om who was one of amongst the commoners’team in Bigg Boss season 10 was thrashed out of the show for throwing urine on the contestants during a task. While Swami Om is constantly saying that it was water which he had thrown.


Swami Om in a radio talk show claimed that he slapped Salman Khan before leaving the Bigg Boss house. Where on the other hand, Arvind Kejriwal is saying that it’s PM Modi’s hand behind the eviction of Swami Om. Salman Khan is a BJP supporter and so it is sure shot that it’s Modi’s another strategy to kick out a common man from this show, Kejriwal told.

Arvind Kejriwal also said that, ‘He’ll make this plan of Modi fail by providing justice to Swami Om’. As per the sources, Swami Om might be the candidate for CM of Punjab’s election.

Arvind Kejriwal has always been supporting common man and is strictly against corruption and black money. When reporters asked Swami Om. ‘Will he join Aam Aadmi Party or not’ he said that, ‘he’s in depression because of the injustice happened with him in Bigg Boss house and will think about joining the party later on’. Swami Om also said that he’s the Guru of Salman Khan and he has betrayed him after getting success.

According to Arvind Kejriwal, PM Modi has been fooling the whole nation whether by demonetization or any other such corrupt plans. He said, Modi will never be able to fool him as the Bigg Boss show has been making black money through it and Kejriwal has got the proof which he’ll disclose at the correct time.

Swami Om is repeatedly giving statements that if he’s not been invited back by the Bigg Boss team in the house then he’ll not let happen the finale episode and will also beat Salman Khan in front of everyone.

Swami Om also said that PM Modi used to call him during the elections and has today became the prime minister of India because of his blessings. Modi has also betrayed Swami Om after becoming the PM.

Keriwal said that because Swami Om has always been an anti-corruption member so he got listed in PM Modi’s hate list. Whereas the other members of the Bigg Boss house are corrupt and BJP supporter so they’re still in the game show.

Swami Om is busy with his in-house production of movie budget 100 crores and once he gets out of it he might join Aam Aadmi Party. In this in-house production of Swami Om which is based on his life story, he himself is the producer, actor, director, singer, writer and cinematographer. Arvind Kejriwal is very glad to have him in his party because their party doesn’t have such multi-talented people.


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