Bigg Boss 9 – How Much Contestants Get to Earn Per Week? Salman Khan Gets Rs. 6 to 8 Crores Per Episode.

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So Bigg Boss 9 is eventually a money spinner for all the contestants and the makers involved. How? Being one of the biggest reality shows in the circuit, brand Bigg Boss has definitely carved a niche for itself in the TV arena.

With sky rocketing TRPs, thanks to the constant dose of drama, fights and everything in between, Bigg Boss makers rake in huge moolah.

Even Salman Khan charges a bomb to anchor the show (Reportedly he charges around Rs 6-8 crore to shoot one episode). So does the contestants.


Here’s a detailed explanation of the weekly fee given to the Bigg Boss 9 contestants.

Bottom level!
This is for the least known celebrities. Among the 14 that go inside the house, the ones with the least popularity gets the minimum weekly fee. And for Bigg Boss, the mimum amount starts from a whopping Rs 3 lakh. For example, people like Arvind Vegda who most people did not have an idea about fall in this category.

Mid level!
This is for the contestants who are not the most popular ones but slightly more popular than most others who fall in the bottom level of contestants mentioned. the weekly fee for these people usually range around the Rs 4 lakh mark. Who fall under this category? Someone like Rochelle Rao, Yuvika Chaudhary or a Vikas Bhalla!

Top level!
This is reserved for the most popular contestants on the show. And their fee is always the highest. This group is paid a bomb every week, with amount shooting up to Rs 5 lakh! Rimi Sen, Aman Verma, Prince Narula are possibly the ones who receive this much.

Special fee!
While the contestants already decide on a particular weekly fee to enter the house, there are many who negotiate and once they promise a lot of drama and content on the show, the makers even consider their decision. Recently, we heard the makers have shelled out a humongous amount to get the controversial Sahil Khan on board as the first wild card entrant. Now we won’t be surprised if he opens up about his relationship with Ayesha Shroff on the show itself! After all, paisa bolta hai.

Prize money alag!
The weekly fee is an additional amount paid to every contestant (whatever has been pre-decided before entry) every week. Only till he/she survives the game. For the winner, it’s usually summation of the total weekly fee he/she earns in the 15 weeks of the show’s run along with the Rs 50 lakh cash prize which for the BB9 contestants has reduced to Rs 39,66,677! So the winner will not only walk away with the prize money of around 40 lkahs but will take home almost a crore since he/she will be sticking till the very end!



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