22 Funny Toons & Memes Around Bigg Boss Show

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Bigg Boss show has been one of the most controversial show on Indian TV. The show which started as a family show few years back is only getting dirtier with every season. Hence, it lacks the fun/comic part which the contestants from the earlier season used to make it with their talks and tasks. Never mind, MindTheNews has undertaken the task to fulfill the fun part with our exclusive largest ever compilation of all the funny toons, memes & picture jokes around Bigg Boss house, its contestants & hosts.

Bigg Boss & Salman are as much Hit as KBC & Big B [Toon]

Obviously, Salman Khan as a host for the show has only been proved good for the show’s TRP. This made him as popular as Big B for KBC.


Funny Bigg Boss’s Host Salman Khan Memes

No one believes when Salman tells he respects women. That’s the reason Aishwarya and Katrina gets ROFL when Salman says so.


Manmohan Singh Gets a Wild Card Entry to Bigg Boss House – Season 8

Ex-PM Manmohan Singh gets a wild card entry to Bigg Boss house season 8.


Salman Favors Tanisha – Funny Reaction

Obviously, Salman gets beaten up by fans over undue favors to Tanisha.


Bigg Boss, a Family Show? No, Never.

This is how Mahatma Gandhi’s three monkeys (bandar) reacts when Salman tells them that Bigg Boss is a family show.


Bigg Boss House Inmates Fighting Like a Dog [Funny Toon]

Dog finds no place among Bigg Boss house inmates who keep fighting like dogs all the time.


Swami Agnivesh in Bigg Boss House & Kapil

Swami Agnivesh deseparate to come out of the show.


How Aarohi Got Eliminated by Bigg Boss – Meme

This funny meme tells better how Aarohi actually got eliminated from the show.


Rajnikanth Trolls Bigg Boss

How can Rajnikanth be ignored? When Rajnikanth joins the show, he becomes the Big Boss.


Bakchod Billi Trolls Farah Khan as a host of Bigg Boss Show

Salman Khan’s fans were real disappointed when they got to know about Farah Khan replacing Salman as the host of the show. So much that they even compared her with KRK.


What Happens When Shakti Kapoor Joins Bigg Boss as a Contestant

When Bad Man of Bollywood – Shakti Kapoor enters the Bigg Boss house and all the female inmates gets pregnant by the time they leave the show.


Bigg Boss Only Gets Dirtier with Every Season

Bigg Boss – a family show? No. It is only getting dirtier with every season.


Bigg Boss is Not Less than a Mental Asylum

The way house inmates behave, it doesn’t look less than any mental asylum.


Khali’s Entry to Big Boss House

When great Khali came as a contestant, the house’ kitchen was “khali” (empty) all the time.


Veena Malik vs Dolly Bindra in Bigg Boss House

Veena Malik vs Dolly Bindra in Bigg Boss house.


Siddhu Leaves the Show due to Party Work. Really?

Siddhu never left the show due to party’s work as his wife informed to press. The real reason was something else.


Girls Inmates Prefer Swamy Nityanada over Swami Agnivesh

Girls in the house aren’t very happy with Swami Agnivesh’s entry. They wanted Swamy Nityanand instead (as he has been involved in many sex scandals).


Swami Agnivesh is Big Bass

Swami Agnivesh is a Big ‘Bass’ not Boss.


Stripping Queen Poonam Pandey Ever Ready to Show Anything

Poonam is ever ready to take off her cloths all the time for money but even she refused to remove her hands from her ears.


Big B’s Not always Amitabh Bachchan for Viewers

Big B is not Amitabh Bachchan for the viewers of Bigg Boss show.


Rajeev Paul Gets Trolled over Dell-Lu

This is how Rajeev Paul got misinterpreted.


Who and How a Winner is Chosen on the Bigg Boss Show

Final one. This is how and who actually chose the winner of the Bigg Boss house. It is none other than the losers who together decide about the winner among themselves only.


Images Credit: Santa Banta, Satich Acharya & Google image search.

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