Bikini-clad Katrina chill with Ranbir on foreign beach

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Katrina & Ranbir having fun on Ibiza beach
Katrina & Ranbir

If there are people who are still in doubt about Bollywood stars Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s blooming yet unofficial romance, this shot will definitely settle the matter for once and all. The news about the couple’s quiet time on the beaches in Spain is going viral on social networking sites. In those tell-a-tale photos, Katrina is wearing a red and white bikini and Ranbir, is looking manly in aqua shorts. It looks that they’re busy having fun on the beach.
According to some websites’ report, the couple was apparently seen dining at Hotel Ushuaia on Ibiza beach.

Ranbir kapoor in Sri Lanka
Ranbir kapoor in Sri Lanka

Reportedly some pictures of a coffee date in Sri Lanka, where Ranbir is currently shooting for Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Bombay Velvet’ arrived in Stardust office. Actually, Katrina’s birthday on July 16 was reason enough to get clicked. The otherwise media-shy Jodi makes it a point to stay away from the paparazzi but when the duo turned up at Aamir Khan’s special party for Katrina, they were caught by some lens men.
According to sources, the evening was spent by Ranbir in diamond-hunting for his b’day girl. And after that the two of them joined each other for a quiet dinner at a five-star hotel. Anyhow, it’s enough cat-and-mouse game, they should be brave enough now to come out in open.

Katrina-Kaif-waves-at the-screening-of-the-movie-Ship-Of-Theseus

However smartly they play in India but we all know they could not be saved in foreign borders. See how bizarre!!!! They’re clicked during their Spanish holiday. The pictures speak volumes about the ongoing chemistry between the couple. Not only this Ibiza beach episode, they’re also caught attending rock shows. This time round also these Bollywood sweethearts could have been escaped like always. Since they are quite secretive about discussing their affair in public but this time an overzealous fan posted pictures as he caught red-handed!!

Love-making couple Ranbir-katrina
Love-making couple Ranbir-katrina

The picture shows them having a gala time together in Ibiza. The two were spotted at David Guetta’s concert in Ibiza, Spain.
Very recently at Katrina’s birthday during a screening of “Ship of the Theseus,” Ranbir got up and started singing happy birthday to Katrina, in full public view. So yes, the couple are definitely in love and they want the whole world to see it to believe it !!

RRanbir-katrina on the airport
Ranbir-katrina on the airport

Few know that these lovebirds came close during the making of their first film together “Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.”
Whatever excuses are made now, one thing’s certain that Ranbir Kapoor and bikini clad Katrina Kaif’s beach romance in Spain took the web world with storm. The off-shirt pose of Ranbir Kapoor and bikini donned Kat chilling out beside beach side is doing all the rounds.
The duo, who for all these years maintained a dignified silence has come out in the open and their action does not need any other explanation.
Love is in the air for both Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor.

katrina kaif in Sri Lanka
katrina kaif in Sri Lanka

They recently watched ‘Lootera’ together and the actress headed to Sri Lanka with her boyfriend where Ranbir will be shooting for Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Bombay Velvet’.


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