Shocking! Real Age vs How Old Do They Look [Bollywood’s Top 10 Actress]

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Microsoft has launched an online tool that guess the age of a person by analyzing his/her pic. This face detection tool named as allows a person to upload his/her pic and then after analyzing it tells the age i.e. how old a person looks (try it for yourself by uploading your pic).

The result is not always true and matching with the real age of the person. It is because, the software analyzes the skin, eyes and other parameters present in the face of the photo and based on those parameters, it tells about the age of the person.

Person may not always look like his/her real age in his/her photos.

We tried to use this tool to analyze and guess the age of Bollywood’s top 10 most famous and successful actress’.

The results are presented below. Check it for yourself to find which Bollywood actress look younger than her age and which one looks older.

Aishwarya Rai – Real Age 41 Years, Looks Like 24 Years Old.



Anushka Sharma – Real Age 27 Years, Looks like 27 Years Old.


Deepika Padukone – Real Age 29 Years, Looks Like 31 years old.



Sunny Leone – Real Age 33 Years, Looks Like 34 Years old.



Katrina Kaif – Real Age 31 Years, Looks Like 29 Years old.



Kareena Kapoor – Real Age 34 Years, Looks Like 30 years old.



Madhuri Dixit – Real Age 47 Years, Looks Like 37 Years old.



Priyanka Chopra – Real Age 32 Years, Looks Like 34 Years old.


Shilpa Shetty – Real Age 39 Years, Looks Like 33 Years old.


Sushmita Sen – Real Age 39 Years, Looks Like 33 years old.



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