Bollywood at Cannes – Face of the Fashion Disaster

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Finally, the much awaited gala event, 66th Cannes Film Festival had the grand opening! This year is a very special one for the Bollywood industry at Cannes film festival, as many renowned celebs, who are the face of the Bollywood industry set to make it big in this prestigious film festival. Veteran actor Amitabh Bachan, Darling of Cannes film festival – Aishwarya Rai, her little daughter Aaradhya Bachan, Fashionista Sonam Kapoor, beautiful actress Vidya Balan, Bollywood bombshell and the queen of controversies Sherlyn Chopra, Freida Pinto, Mallika Sherawath, Anurag Basu, Ameesha Patel, etc are the few notorious Bollywood stars set to grace the 66th Cannes film festival.

Besides, most of you would have been keenly waiting to watch how your favorite Bollywood stars shine in the global film festival.  Except a few faces, the much awaited Aishwarya Rai and her daughter Aaradhya Bachan, Ameesha Patel, etc rest of the most expected Bollywood stars made their entry in the grandeur film festival being held at the French Riviera. How they made it on the first day of the 66th Cannes film festival? Check it out here!

Simply Bollywood at Cannes can be called the face of the fashion disaster! It’s alarming and disheartening to witness the world famed Bollywood celebs as the face of the fashion disaster. From Amitabh Bachan to Mallika Sherawath, none made it stunning at the 66th Cannes film festival. Let us see the Bollywood at Cannes on its first day.

Let’s start with Amitabh Bachan

It’s very true that the gala opening ceremony and the first day of the 66th Cannes film festival sparkled with the traces of Bollywood!  Unfortunately, the veteran actor, superstar of the big fat Bollywood industry, the Big B, Amitabh Bachan made an awkward entry!

This time, just like the beautiful Bollywood actresses, he had his experiment with the blazers! He wore a blue striped jacket and looked like a stuffed animal! He himself is just not comfortable in this awkwardly stunning striped Jacket!

Besides the fashion disaster from the unexpected Amitabh Bachan early in the day, he posed himself in a sober(!) glittering jacket. We guess, Sr Bachan mistook that the statement ‘Bollywood Glitters at 66th Cannes Film Festival”. Rather, Bollywood at Cannes became the face of the fashion disaster.

Fashion Icon turns the disaster style icon!

It is absolutely about the Fashionista and style icon of the Bollywood industry, Sonam Kapoor. This is her third consecutive appearance at Cannes Film festival and she rocked the red carpet in the previous years.


What she made this year?

Take a look at her first red carpet appearance in the 66th Cannes film festival? It is undoubtedly a fashion disaster.

Sonam Kapoor, well in advanced made it clear to the media that she will sport a truly Traditional Indian avatar at Cannes. What she turned up? Truly a disaster for the Bollywood at Cannes.

Sonam wore a stunning Anamika Couture Saree. Its indeed a beautiful lace saree combined with the gorgeous blouse. She made two horrible fashion mistakes! Why such long blouse?

And the second one is the real disaster. She just spoiled her gracious look by wearing a larger nose ring! We are really wondering who said Sonam Kapoor that wearing a nose ring (too big for her tiny face) could bring her the traditional Indian look? Sonam Kapoor became the face of the fashion disaster.

Does it give a more Indian flavor??? We are also really surprised that disaster style icon gave fashion  tips and advice to Vidya Balan about how should carry herself in the traditional attire at the global film festival. Sorry to say Sonam Kapoor, first you will have to look at yourself!

Vidya Balan – From elegance to embarrasment

Vidya Balan, who already rocked her first entry with the gorgeous Lehenga, abruptly transformed into the face of the fashion disaster in a few hours.


We are not really happy for Vidya Balan. She should definitely either revamp her wardrobe, style or change her fashion designer. Sabya’s choice of wardrobe for Vidya Balan is really not working!!!!

She looked like a mujra girl in an international film festival. Shockingly, we think that Vidya Balan really forgot the fact that she is a Jury! Not someone who is giving a dance performance!

Just a beautiful Kanjeevaram Saree would have done wonders on her!

Of course, very soon she changed her attire and she looked good. However, this is really not her best.

We have also spotted others at 66th Cannes film festival with not so good style statement.

We hope that Aishwarya Rai, who is yet to make her stunning appearance at the 66th Cannes Film festival, would turn this disastrous style statement made by Bollywood at Cannes!

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