15 Bollywood Celebs Who Have Suffered Depression. List Include Big B, SRK & Deepika.

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It will be a surprise to know that the Bollywood celebs, which we see in reel life, are all energetic and ready to face any sort of situation is actually not the case in real life for some. Did you know many famous Bollywood celebs have suffered depression and mental disorders? With this piece, your eyeballs will be left rolling seeing the celebs name who undergone a disturbed phase.

Deepika Padukone:Deepika Padukone in depression

Rare success story happened with dimpled star, Deepika Padukone. The early 2014 was the year she was highly appreciated for work but one day while getting up, she felt different. Talking to her mother, she again broke down which provoked her to consult many doctors to make her realize the fact that she was suffering from anxiety and depression. With medication, she is much better now.

Once her rival but now a close friend Anushka Sharma stood by Deepika during her depression stage. Both Anushka and Deepika had turned rivals in the past due to their relationship with Ranveer Singh. However, lately, Deepika was found to be all praising for Anushka’s work in NH10 and she even kissed and hugged her while sharing stage in one of the events.

Sanjay Dutt:Sanjay Dutt disturbed

For obvious reasons, Sanjay Dutt was sure to be included in this list. Being inside the prison, the actor has already suffered enough of the depressing phase. A close friend who met him recently told he wasn’t able to sleep and was depressed too. Sanju Bhai, we wish you some good time ahead.

Jiah Khan:Jiah Khan depression case

It is unfortunate that some people just cannot handle the anxiety and depression phase and leads to the wrong doings. Jiah Khan couldn’t fight her depression and committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling fan of her room. Depression of failing in the Bollywood industry and relationships made her do this.

ShahRukh Khan:SRK was into depression too

You believe it or not, the King Khan, SRK has always came out with flying colors from any sort of ailment or depression. But when the actor tore a ligament in his shoulder while shooting in 2008 and injured himself, he went into deep depression. Once again, he proved himself as the king and came out well happily and heartily. Quite lately, the kind of public behaviour he has been demonstrating shows he may still not be totally well. His declining career graph could be the one strong reason for SRK to feel disturbed and depressed.

Manisha Koirala:

Manisha Koirala out from depression

Some marriages also lead to getting into depression. Manisha was suffering from depression while being with his husband Samrat Dahlal. Continuous fights let to get into the depressing phase. But with time, after recovering from cancer and divorce, the actress seems to be winning all the battles of life. She is a true inspiration for all of us.

Parveen Babi:

Parveen Babi Bollywood actress depression situation

Not only our gen celebs, the late actress Parveen Babi suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and went under depression. She even went to US leaving the Bollywood world to join an ashram to clean her head. But nothing worked and she committed suicide to end her agony.

Dharmendra:Dharmendra was depressed once

A shock for all! The handsome looking and one of the most famous Bollywood celeb, Dharmedra had battled depression for 15 years. He took to drinking and had become an alcoholic. Unlike the past with bad habits, he has resort to focusing in career with no such habits.

Divya Bharti:Pretty Divya Bharti into depressing situation

Being a teenager, Divya loved spending most of the times with her friends and having being approached by the director to cast her in his film, her this attitude angered the producer and she was replaced twice with another young actress. Divya was devastated and went into depression. Thereafter, she dropped the idea of becoming a star.

Silk Smitha:Sultry celeb Silk Smitha into depression

A Sultry sex actress of the south, Silk Smitha entered the South film industry for side roles become soon she became the most erotic actress of her times. She was found dead in her Chennai apartment with a suicide note which described that she was into depression because of many failures that came in her life. The Dirty Picture was based on her.

Varun Dhawan:Young Varun Dhawan into depression

After Deepika Padukone as the on-going actress undergone depression, it is followed by surprisingly Varun Dhawan. He himself agreed that he was undergoing depression while shooting for the movie ‘Badlapur’ may be because he was exposed to things, which do affect mentally during the making of this film. Further, he went ahead to see the doctor.

Dilip Kumar:Dilip Kumar depression

One of the most well-known and reverted actors of Bollywood, Dilip Kumar was deeply in love with another beauty, Mughal-e-Azam actress, Madhubala. When she died, Dilip Sahab went into depression even if he was married to Saira Banu.

Rajesh Khanna:Rajesh Khanna depression let him die at 69

Rajesh Khanna was first superstar for the Bollywood Industry is nothing new for us and his downfall in his 90s is something he never could come back out. Failure in marriage also contributed to his physical and mental illness that led to his death at an age of 69 only.

Amitabh Bachchan:Amitabh Bachchan depression story

Believe it or not, Bollywood Big B, the megastar was also a trap of depression once in life. When he turned producer in 1996 with his company named ABCL, regular failure of his films made him go bankrupt and then Big B went into deep depression. But, the strong looking went came out strongly from that phase and became what he is today!

Nafisa Joseph:Nafisa Joseph celebrity depression case

Niece of actor Sharmila Tagore was also into deep depression and hanged herself in Mumbai. Her depression reason was as her forthcoming marriage was called off as she got to know her would be husband is already married.

Monica Bedi:Monica Bedi into deep depression

Being imprisoned for five years for getting a passport under a fictitious name, Monica Bedi from the comfy life of Bollywood to tough life of prison finds herself into depression state.


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