Bollywood Fashion Disaster – Disastrous outfits in Launch Events

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Bollywood industry is filled is lots of events, press meets, store launch, and parties! While a few looked with great style and charm, in the recent days, it was more about fashion disaster.

You can look great as well as horrible in every outfit! This is just proved by our favorite Bollywood stars. Here is the list of recent fashion disaster in the launch events.

Vidya Balan Fashion Disaster– House of Horrors

Vidya Balan and fashion disaster need no introduction as it goes hand in hand! I was counting on Vidya Balan’s appearance, best, good and horrible!

Fashion Disaster Vidya Balan launch of Traier

Lately, she appeared in an awkwardly disastrous outfit during the launch of her upcoming flick with Farhan Aktar, ‘Shadi Ke Side Effects’. Rather, the outfit was good, but did not suit her! She looked beautiful, but again went wrong with her choice.

And Vidya Balan almost escaped a wardrobe malfunction as she arrive the stage. The little dress did not add up anything to her, except adding one more fashion disaster to her list.


Vidya Balan with queen of fashion disasters! Be careful Ekta Kapoor, Vidya may soon steal the crown, ‘queen of fashion disaster’ from you!

Fashion Disaster Vidya Balan launch of Traier

The previous public appearance of Vidya Balan was too a fashion disaster. She recently launched a jewelry line but in a disastrous avatar. Yes, her outfit wasn’t just disastrous, rather she looked quite horrible.

Fashion Disaster Vidya Balan launch of a jewelry line

Guess what, this outfit was designed by Vidya’s favorite designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee. I can call it only an outfit, could not figure out what exacts she wore. It is a lehenga? A saree? A sharara suit? Or what? It doesn’t even look like any traditional dress!

I’m still wondering why Vidya Balan and more on Why Sabyasachi!

Look at the below picture, she isn’t even comfortable to walk with her disastrous outfit.Vidya looks totally clumsy! She didn’t even care to comb her hair nicely! Too busy to take of yourself Vidya?

Fashion Disaster Vidya Balan launch of a jewelry line

While Vidya Balan many times go wrong in her choice of outfits, rather the choice of outfits designed by her favorite designer, she will always look beautiful! Even in the fashion disaster during the launch of Shadhi Ke Side Effects trailer, she looked beautiful! Here, the pearl necklace and heavy large pearl stud adds to the fashion disaster.

Asin Fashion Disaster – Birthday Bash

It is not nearly a fashion disaster, but she would have looked much much better on her b’day. Take a look at the below picture.

I just shocked at this picture, got a weird thinking, “what she missed her pants? Then realized, she is not.

Fashion Disaster Asin

The Dolce gabbana lace dress isn’t the right choice for her! She looked simply pretty otherwise.

While the birthday bash of Asin was a great success, her toned down look looked like an odd man out of the crew!

Did she try for a humble and sweet darling look? I believe she always look sweet!

Kangna Ranaut Fashion Disaster in a Saree

Kangna Ranaut made a disastrous appearance during the launch of Rajjo music, her upcoming flick. While the mini dress did not suit Vidya Balan, I was really wondering about Kangna’s choice of apparel, nothing but the saree!


The svelte figure got it totally wrong, leaving behind a fashion disaster! I’m not blaming her choice of gold saree! The satiny gold and sheer saree in fact spiced her appearance as it complimented skin tone! But the disaster was with her choice of blouse!

I just thought, Oh god, why Kangna! It looks like she draped the six yard wonder over a striped tee!

Aishwarya Rai Style / Fashion Disaster

I cannot really put Aishwarya Rai in the list of fashion disaster in the recent days. Yet I really want her to ditch the good old Anarkali suits! It seems she is quite busy with a lot of events.

Aishwarya in Surat

I can say her style disaster! She lost all the weight and she really needs to work with various choices of apparels. If she wants to stay away from western outfits, she can even drape herself beautifully in a saree!

Enough of fashion disaster. Watch this space for those who nailed it glamorously with stunning outfits and personal style statement!

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