Bollywood Civil War – Hrithik Kangana Fallout [Opinion].

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It was the time when even those whose existence the Bollywood had long forgotten got some attention, it was during the Hrithik Kangana Bollywood Civil war 2016! Kangana seemed to have started it by calling Hrithik her silly ex (silly huh?) and Hrithik Roshan snapped back by filing a legal notice (woah, that escalated quickly). After that the matter got uglier and uglier but beings like Adhyayan Suman (remember that guy in Raaz 2? No? I don’t either) did not restrain from dhoing their haath in the behti ganga. The guy gave an excruciatingly long account of how Kangana had destroyed his life, thus strengthening Roshan’s case against her.


Numerous mails and photographs were revealed from both sides but somehow the evidence and the allegations Roshans had, seemed to make more sense, but that is for the court to decide. Hrithik alleged that Kangana spammed his mail box 50 times a day ( I don’t blame you Queen, no one can resist this hottie ), has Asperger syndrome and Kangana alleged that Hrithik hacked her account and deleted certain emails (I always wondered what celebs did in their free time, THAT’S what they do, hack accounts) and intimidated her.

Honestly the whole situation is unfortunate and all it has done is mar the reputation of the two internationally acclaimed superstars. Inevitable (thanks to the nosy media people), it has dragged other celebs in its web. Reporters ask any and every passing celebrity what are their views on the controversy- Vidya Balan, Akshay Kumar, Aditya Pancholi( kanganas ex), Aamir khan. Kyun bhayi? What have they got to do with any one else’s life? And they seem to make the same observations, most of them say “no comments”, you know what that means? It mean they are not bloody interested to get involved and if you are a half decent human being you too won’t be poking into someone’s personal life and deriving pleasures from their problems! Another group which got involved is of the feminists, but then when do they DO NOT have a problem!

Articles in favor of Kangana-praising her strength and courage had been until recently, written with much fervor. I just feel like shouting at their faces that JUST BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN THAT DOES NOT MEAN SHE IS RIGHT! And about strength, the poor man recently had a marriage break up which he (apparently) did not want and then he ended up in this fiasco. This has nothing to do with gender, it’s a legal battle, the one speaking the truth, wins. Because it’s mostly women who are at the receiving end of things, does not mean that they are innocent by default, but if feminists understood this, they would become jobless.

People are taking advantage to get publicity, make news, make issues from this whole battle, but no one stops to wonder what effect might it be having on the psyche of the two individuals involved. They are just seen as people to profit from, make news of, as mere objects. THAT is the saddest and the grossest truth.

This post has been submitted by Shreya Chauhan.


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