Britney Spears’s Weight Loss and Gain Cycle

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American recording artist Britney Spears made news not only for losing weight but for gaining as well. This is not just once but many times, she lose weight and then gains it back. Britney Spears is one of those celebrities who is not fond of keeping any particular diet or fitness regime for a long time. That is the reason Britney’s fans get to see the cyclic ups and downs as far as her weight is concerned. Anyways, have a look at Britney’s “Before and After” photos to see how weight loss helps her look more in shape.

Britney Spears Weight Loss and Gain – Before and After Photos

Here are some of the before and after photos of Britney Spears (Losing and Gaining Weight).




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  1. waz says:

    Britney always looks a curvy babe and thats how we like it long may it continue

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