Caran d’Ache’s Pen that Can Take You to The Moon and Back!

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Caran d'Ache pen-astrograph_set

Since the existence of the iPencil did not do enough to marvel the world, Swiss manufacturer Caran d’Ache went into partnership with the luxury watchmaker MB&F and has created a limited edition rocket-shaped fountain pen.

The pen’s total cost is $20,000 that is around 13 lakh rupees in Indian currency. This pen is called the ‘Astrograph’ and it is rhodium-plated with 18-carat gold. It comes with a magnetic “astronaut” and an engine and stabilizer legs for those dedicated, rich office workers to relax and play with.

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The pen also has a projector which can turn any room into a planet in space. It can make people around it drown in illusion as the space images that get projected from this pen seem ridiculously real.

The pen also is connected to a satellite drifting through space through which the owner can get a glimpse of that is really happening outside our planet.

Owners of this fountain pen are very proud and glad at the decision they made to buy this because the pen has allowed them to see and experience different dimensions of their world.

The astronaut that comes with this fountain pen is something which entertains all children so the owners too, become children and are over brimmed with joy when using this pen.

The people using this pen currently have sent immensely positive feedback to Caran d’Ache. They have mentioned the usage of this particular pen seems like no other. This pen, the Astrograph seems to have some sort of ink, or “rocket fuel” as the makers prefer to call it, that makes this pen a lot more unique. Anybody reading any document of writing that is done using the Astrograph seems automatically convinced. This pen seems like the ultimate solution to problems faced by businessmen.

People who have used this pen have been successful in striking deals of a lifetime which they are wholeheartedly giving the complete credit to Astograph.

The Astograph also allows you to calm down in times of utmost stress because the pen comes with vision goggles that allow you to feel like you’re an astronaut in space. You can walk on the moon, take a trip to Mars or just orbit around Saturn for fun!

13 lakhs seems like a very reasonable price to pay for something as amazing as this!


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