Femme Fatales of bollywood

femme fatales of bollywood As the first trailer of Dedh-Ishqiya launched recently, Madhuri Dixit stunned her fans with her strikingly beautiful look in it. There is no doubt that she would be as great as Vidya Balan in its prequel ‘Ishqiya’ – in the role of a femme fatale. Bollywood has long history of stunning femme fatales or commonly […]

‘Bro-sis’ moments – Bollywood style

Bro-sis films- bollywood style There was a time when, the depiction of ‘brother-sister’ relationships used to rule the roost in bollywood. From the soppy ‘Muqaddar ka Sikander’ to more glamorous and complex ‘Hare Krishna Hare Rama’- bollywood seemed to promote, worship and strengthen this kinship in its own melodramatic way. Over the years, we have dwindling films to celebrate […]

Diwali Moments – Bollywood Style

diwali moments-bollywood style There was a time when Bollywood films used to portray beautiful Diwali moments in films like ‘Zanjeer’ or ‘Jo Jitah Wohi Sikander’- where vital incidents took place during Diwali. But over the years, the number of films depicting the true spirit of Diwali is dwindling in bollywood. But even among them, I have listed some […]

Scary Classics from Bollywood

scary classics from bollywood As the West had been celebrated Halloween on 31st December, added with an extended weekend, and our very own ‘ Bhoot Chaturdasi’ is knocking around the corner the day before Diwali- It would be an ideal time for watching scary movies back to back. Though, bollywood’s host movie genre is in pretty nascent stage, it’s […]

Bollywood Fashion Disaster – Disastrous outfits in Launch Events

3 Bollywood industry is filled is lots of events, press meets, store launch, and parties! While a few looked with great style and charm, in the recent days, it was more about fashion disaster. You can look great as well as horrible in every outfit! This is just proved by our favorite Bollywood stars. Here is […]

Sunny Leone inflames the hotness quotient in yet another sexy role in -‘Jackpot’

images (7) The ‘boom’ famous director Kaizad Gustad  returns to the business of directing with his upcoming movie-‘Jackpot’ starring the Indo-Canadian porn star turned bollywood actor Sunny leone and the famous star of all times- Naseeruddin Shah and Azaan. Controversial yet hot Sunny leone is ready to turn up the sex quotient in this comic thriller. The […]

Sizzling Onscreen Liplocks in the Bollywood movies

shahrukh-katrina-kaif-hot-kiss Kissing scenes in Bollywood movies has become quite common. In fact the kind of hesitation many Bollywood stars before a few decades seem to be vanished. You might have read or heard the interview of many celebs saying they are comfortable with kissing scenes. Also, it has become a trend in recent Bollywood flicks, as […]

Bollywood Celebs who ignored brickbats from Fashion Police

bollywood celebs ignored brickbats from fashion police Huma Quereshi recently lashed out at the fashion police for criticizing her one of her outfits during attending films in the recently concluded Mumbai film festival, in twitter. They pounced on her for wearing mismatching jacket and jumpsuit, not wearing stilettos or appropriate make-up and the girl retorted back with her angry tweets, supported by […]

Bachelorettes of Bollywood – Happily Unmarried Divas at 30 Plus Years

Tabu Living single! In 30 Plus age? Gosh, that’s something highly criticized by the society. Single women in their 30s experience a sort of direct and hidden criticism all the time! Whether or not a woman is happy, rich and successful in her life in 30s, the so-called culturalists of India fuzz about the unmarried women! […]

50 shades of Grey- Bollywood Style

50 shades of Grey-bollywood style ‘50 shades of Grey’ – E.L. James’s romantic erotica novel, released in 2011, already broke and made records simultaneously – in the popularity charts worldwide. As the news of Universal Pictures producing the Hollywood adaptation that is slated to release in August 2014, and the finalized casting for Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele has been […]
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