Women who sold their virginity online

Women who sold their virginity. There was a time when in movies (especially in bollywood ones) we used to see women who were born into misery and needed to feed many mouths in family- had no option before them, except selling their bodies. Many times we saw that an innocent village belle comes to a big city and lured into […]

Raunchy and Controversial Bollywood film posters

controversial and raunchy bollywood film posters Sometimes, it had been seen that the poster was more interesting than the film itself. Here I have compiled five such film posters of bollywood movies that are raunchy and as well as controversial for their raw portrayal of sexuality- Ek chhoti si love story (2002) Shashilal Nair’s movie ‘ Ek Chhoti si love story’ […]

Copycats of Bollywood Industry – Lack of Creativity or Playing it Safe?

1 Watching someone wearing a similar kind of apparel like you may surprise you! It happens very commonly among the common people, but definitely not something welcoming in terms of Bollywood stars! For every event, Bollywood divas step out in trendy and exclusively designed outfits. A few divas have their own favorite designers to enhance their […]

Controversial Indian Magazine covers

controversial indian magazine covers We all love to see our favorite stars on the covers of fashion magazines. Here I have compiled six such magazine covers featuring leading actresses in it that stirred up few hornet’s nests. Mamata Kulkarni – Stardust Magazine controversy Mamata Kulkarni was a bombshell in her heydays. Though, these days she seems to vanish into […]

Sassy bollywood heroines and their string of boyfriends

sassy bollywood heroine and their boyfriends From Rajesh Khanna to Akshay Kumar- many bollywood heroes are known for their colorful life and string of affairs that almost made their Casanova ways-a myth. But among these over-sexed, over-masculine male stalwarts, there were a battery of heroines who; always remained sassy. Be it a yesteryear’s classic actress or a today’s bold heroine- these […]

6 Ex Couples of Bollywood who were Almost Married

mahima chaudhary Love struck Bollywood celebrities always grabs the headlines. Whenever we hear or read about a celebrity dating, many of us wonder how their relationship will blossom. While the a few Bollywood couples struck by cupid carry their association to next level to enjoy the marital bliss. However, it doesn’t happen for everyone, where celebrity couples […]

Marital woes in bollywood movies

marital woes in bollywood movies In the past, we have unforgettable movies like ‘Abhimaan’- which dealt with friction between a couple, regarding their professional heights or ‘Pati, patni aur woh’- where a serious topic like adultery had been shown, in a lighthearted manner. As Vidya Balan- Farhan Akhtar starrer ‘ Shadi ke side effects’ hit the YouTube with its trailers, […]

Bollywood Divas Stalked and Attacked – The Cost of Being Popular

celebs-stalked-cover-2011 Shruthi Hassan Stalked by a mystery man. It is the recent incident that shook the industry. Living a celebrity life isn’t any simple. The celebs pay a lot for their stardom. While they never get their privacy, the life is almost exposed to the public. Popularity always comes with a price! Paying a lot for the […]

Iconic Nautch girls in Bollywood

iconic nautch girls in bollywood There was a time when, there was a prominent place for nautch girls or tawaef in Bollywood films. From Meena Kumari to Rekha; we had many A-listed leading ladies who- portrayed iconic characters of tawaef. In following years, the numbers were really dwindling as kothas in real life became more obsolete, and so were nautch […]

Bollywood Beauties and their No Compromise Principles

Kareena Kapoor Saying No has become quite common among the new age Bollywood beauties. Whether it is whopping money or global recognition, a few Bollywood beauties maintain their no compromise principles! While recently Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherji turned down a biopic of a notorious warrior, which needed stripping off a lot more and intimate bedroom scenes, […]
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