Sara Loren murder3

Sara Loren to romance Taaha Shah in ‘Barkhaa’

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The new Bolly Heroine - sexy, strong and erotic

The new Bolly Heroine – sexy and strong

Gone are those days when on-screen kiss or sex-before-marriage was a total no-no for bolly heroines. 2013 introduced us to a new bunch of bollywood heroines who are – sexy, feisty ... Continue Reading →
screen awards 2014-fashion

Star Screen Awards 2014- Fashion Wows and Yawns

As Hollywood had its own share of red carpet glory in the form of Golden Globe Awards recently, how can its Indian counterpart stay far behind? We have our desi celebs walking on the ... Continue Reading →

Sizzling Stars in Dabboo Ratnani Calendar 2014

Known to capture stars in their most beautiful yet unconventional moments, Dabboo Ratnani is one of the most renowned fashion photographers in India. Like every year, this year also ... Continue Reading →
bolly films i will look forward in 2014

Bolly films I will look forward to in 2014

2013 has gone by in a blink-and-you-miss pace and now 2014 has entered into our lives. In terms of bollywood films, 2013 has been ‘not-so-exciting’ for someone like me. Though, ... Continue Reading →
Deepika padukone and Gauhar Khan- power puff  girls of 2013

Deepika Padukone & Gauhar Khan- 2013’s power puff girls

2013 can be termed for bollywood as the year of power puff girls. Be it Deepika Padukone who became the 4th Khan of bollywood in 2013 or Gauhar Khan- who became the winner of Big Boss ... Continue Reading →

Oops Moment – Bollywood Divas and Unexpected Wardrobe Malfunctions

 ‘Oops’ when do you say it or what is called the ‘oops’ moment? You get caught into something unexpected? Well, we may also call it during sudden or unexpected wardrobe malfunctions. Wardrobe ... Continue Reading →
salman-khan-cooling off-in Heaven

Declaration of Virginity – I’m Virign says, these Celebrities – Yes or No!

Declaration of Virginity – I’m Virign says, these Celebrities – Yes or No!  Ever since the announcement of new season of ‘Koffee With Karan’ launched, I was keen about ... Continue Reading →
did bollywood promoted stalking and sexual harassment in 2013?

Did bollywood promote stalking, sexual harassment of women, in 2013?

Whenever a much-publicized incident of sexual harassment or rape takes place at any corner in India, the celebs from tinsel town like- Sonam Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar, Preity Zinta and ... Continue Reading →
Women who sold their virginity.

Women who sold their virginity online

There was a time when in movies (especially in bollywood ones) we used to see women who were born into misery and needed to feed many mouths in family- had no option before them, except ... Continue Reading →
controversial and raunchy bollywood film posters

Raunchy and Controversial Bollywood film posters

Sometimes, it had been seen that the poster was more interesting than the film itself. Here I have compiled five such film posters of bollywood movies that are raunchy and as well as ... Continue Reading →

Copycats of Bollywood Industry – Lack of Creativity or Playing it Safe?

Watching someone wearing a similar kind of apparel like you may surprise you! It happens very commonly among the common people, but definitely not something welcoming in terms of Bollywood ... Continue Reading →
controversial indian magazine covers

Controversial Indian Magazine covers

We all love to see our favorite stars on the covers of fashion magazines. Here I have compiled six such magazine covers featuring leading actresses in it that stirred up few hornet’s ... Continue Reading →
sassy bollywood heroine and their boyfriends

Sassy bollywood heroines and their string of boyfriends

From Rajesh Khanna to Akshay Kumar- many bollywood heroes are known for their colorful life and string of affairs that almost made their Casanova ways-a myth. But among these over-sexed, ... Continue Reading →
mahima chaudhary

6 Ex Couples of Bollywood who were Almost Married

Love struck Bollywood celebrities always grabs the headlines. Whenever we hear or read about a celebrity dating, many of us wonder how their relationship will blossom. While the a few ... Continue Reading →
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