Censorship Vs. Free Speech Debate Continues… DPL’s Aina Takes it Further in this Video.

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We live in a country where politicians keep talking shit without any censorship and we put a ban on common people’s social media remarks almost immediately. Stuff like BBC documentaries are banned without any reasons while fools like AIB are given freedom to stage a show full of offensive language.


This debate on censorship and free speech is never ending and is going on as ever.

Delhi Poetry Slam’s Aina Singh has come up with an interesting take on this debate of censorship vs free speech in the below video.

Aina speaks in this slam;

“I would like to not have Honey Singh and Salman Khan and Chetan Bhagat and Narendra Modi- all being thrown into my face from billboards and TV screens and radio sets and tea kiosks. But it doesn’t matter what I like because I am a prisoner of the culture I live in.”


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