Charlie Hebdo: All the Controversial Cartoons Mocking Fun at Islam or Prophet Muhammad

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More than 12 people have been killed (including 4 cartoonists) in an attack on Paris based satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. This is not the first time but Charlie Hebdo has faced the protest and attacks on earlier occassions as well owing to magazine publishing controversial cartoons which mocked fun at Islam or Prophet Muhammad specifically. But this time, the massacre has led to death of 12 people which includes the 4 famous cartoonists who have created those controversial cartoons.

Charlie Hebdo Killing – Controversial Cartoons Mocking Fun at Islam and Prophet Muhammad

The massacre has been condemned not only in France but world wide. Media world-wide have started special campaigns and published special editorial condemning the attacks as well as raising the question of “Freedom of Speech”. However, looking at some of the cartoons which are indeed quite insulting and could hurt religious sentiments of Muslims, debate has started over what’s the extent of freedom of speech. Is hurting religious sentiments of people really a freedom of speech?

Killing people in the name of religion is really bad and not at all acceptable. But then, provoking people by mocking fun at other religions is equally worst and not at all acceptable. “The Pen is Mighter Than The Sword” – hence, it certainly can not be ignored in the name of freedom of speech.

Let’s take a look at the most controversial cartoons which Charlie Hebdo magazine has published or republished which mocked fun at Prophet Muhammad.


Washington Post writes, “The cartoon depicted Muhammad saying, “100 lashes of the whip if you don’t die laughing.” That drawing and many others that align with its edgy and often offensive spirit may have motivated terrorists on Wednesday to unleash a heinous and deadly attack that claimed the lives of 12 people.”


 Looking at the cartoons and the way, Prophet Muhammad has been portrayed is indeed very provoking.




It’s not just the Charlie Hebdo magazine who has been publishing the controversial cartoons targeting Islam and Prophet Muhammad but there are many others who have also done something similar in past.

Other Cartoons Hurting Muslim Sentiments and Prophet Muhammad

Let’s take a look at few more controversial cartoons (created and published by others and not Charlie Hebdo) provoking Muslim’s religious sentiments;



Mohammed Ali





Still Get The Virgins-muhammad




Prophet Muhammad & Aisha versus Mary & Jesus cartoon


Looking at the above cartoons, it is evident they have not been created only for fun purpose and are not in good taste. But they indeed have a provoking element and have been intentionally created to insult Islam and Prophet Muhammad and we surely condemn this. Sorry, but we have many things to use our pen/pencil for to vent out our anger but religion is certainly not one of them.

Mind The News team, once again condemn the Charlie Hebdo massacre as well as the above insulting cartoons and the people who created them. This post has been published under category titled “Funny” only because it contains the cartoons. Otherwise, there is nothing funny about the Charlie Hebdo incident as well as the cartoons.


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