Chinese Smartphone, So “Hot” That Can Double Up As a Heater in Winter.

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Google recently announced that it is going to launch it’s new smartphone ‘Pixel’ in India. Pixel is said to give serious competition to iPhone 7 because of it’s camera quality. It’s camera is of 12.3 megapixels with a technology that allows more light to enter and a 3.5 mm jack.

After google gave competition to iPhone Chinese manufacturers decided to step forward as a team and make a smartphone better than both of them. 15 Chinese phone manufacturers came together to design and launch a phone which is set to release in January 2017.

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According to them the ultimate smartphone offers much more than iPhone 7 plus at the same price. It is said to have a 60 MP rear camera and a 40 MP front camera with different settings better than that of Nikon DSLRs, 2 jacks, 5’6 inch screen, 246 GB ram, unlimited internal storage, built in WiFi router, built in projector, the phone can heat up to warm one up in winters, awesome speaker, movie editor, its inbuilt robot can help users do math homework, the phone has an emergency button and can also be turned into a fire extinguisher when required. This phone can also be folded so that one can fit them in tight small pockets.


The phone is an android and will be updated a day before the update is available for other androids in the world. The phone needs 5 minutes to charge to the full and the battery doesn’t die till 5 days at least (that’s enough to lose your charger).

The smartphone is super strong and waterproof. They were tested by shooting strong jets of water and by leaving them in a bucket of salty water for 2 days. Bullets were fired at them and they were thrown off from Burj Khalifa. The smartphones still survived.

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It is said that iPhone and Google does not want this phone to be launched as this launch will affect google and iPhone just the way other networks were affected when Jio was launched. They also claim that these Chinese manufacturers are only making huge promises to get the smartphone pre-ordered.

This phone is called ‘xin~kin INFINITY’ and will come in two versions. One will come along a VR box and it’s price is ₹75,000 the other without the VR box will cost ₹60,000. The smartphone will come in 127 different shades and 540 different designs on the back to choose from.

Though the phone costs ₹60,000 and ₹75,000 the company is ready to sell them off in EMIs that ranges from 2 months to 4 years. That makes it as cheap as approximately ₹2000 a month.

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People around the world are very excited for this phone. In a recent survey conducted by Planet Trade Organization (PTO) all around the world 75% people said they will buy the new Chinese xin~kin INFINITY and not the iPhone. Out of the other 25%, 8% claim to be the biggest fan of Apple and have only used Apple all their life and the rest 17% are Indians.

The launch of this smartphone is questionable in India due to the current situation between Indian and Pakistan army and China’s support to Pakistan. The manufacturers are afraid if they launch the phone in India no matter how good it is Indians wouldn’t buy it.

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