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Here is a chance for all of you to be a part of citizen journalism by contributing the content to us. All you should have a good command over written English and should be humorous and witty.


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Guidelines to join us and Contribute your own Satires and Celebrity Spoofs.

As a contributor, you need to submit content that could be a political satire, celebrity spoofs and similar stories. All you need to do a a  pick up the most trending and hot breaking news at the moment and recreate using your wild imaginations so that it becomes the most satirical and humorous.

  • You should submit only unique and unpublished content.
  • You should not post jokes, SMS jokes and similar stuff which people keep sharing on whatsapp, SMS or web.
  • Content /article should be very funny (originally) and should be a satire on any issue or public figure.
  • No personal advertisements of any nature are allowed.
  • You could pick up to write from any stream – politics, celebrity, bollywood, hollywood, fashion etc.
  • You should not copy-paste at all and article should be based on fresh ideas.

How to Contribute Satire or Spoofs to Us

First and foremost, like and join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. (Must step)

Write and unique and unpublished article of size between 400 to 1000 words.

Use catchy headlines to attract attention of users.

Write in a notepad and send it to us via email along with relevant images attached. You can send your contributions to [email protected]

Check for spelling mistakes and grammar etc. before sending your submissions.

While sending the content, also send your profile in one or two sentences which we shall publish at the end of article to give credit o you. You could include a link to your own blog or your social media profiles. However only NoFollow links will be allowed

We reserve all the rights to reject or accept the contributions without any reasons. We shall also follow a process of editing the articles before finally publishing them.

In case, you face any issues or seek any more clarifications, please feel free to write to us or contact us via our Facebook page.


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