10 Countries That May Not Survive The 21st Century. India is Not in This List But US Is.

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Here is a speculative list of top 10 countries that may not survive the 21st century or worst, may not even next 20 years. The list also includes the most powerful country of the World i.e. USA and it doesn’t have India on the list. So, with that probability of India coming up as the next super power of the world is very high because the list has USA as well as its strong contender China also.


Check out the video to know which are the top 10 countries of the world that may not survive next 20 years.

The indicative list is as below;

10. Spain
9. North Korea
8. Belgium
7. China
6. Iraq
5. Libya
4. The Islamic State
3. United Kingdom
2. United States
1. Maldives


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