Delhi Girls Openly Bash Against Jasleen Kaur For What She Has Done.

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It has been quite a few days when Jasleen Kaur – Sarvjeet Singh case happened. When Jasleen posted a pic of Sarvjeet Singh along with her message, we all know what happened. Everyone started blaming Sarvjeet Singh without even knowing the truth. Its only after when an eye witness of the case came forward and told media about what actually happened that people realized their mistake of blindly trusting a girl by giving a benefit of doubt to Jasleen that only a girl could be a victim.

Subsequently, even celebs like Sonakshi Sinha also came forward and tweeted an apology to the guy for blaming him for no reasons. Now, many more girls are coming forward to voice their opinion against Jasleen Kaur and said what she did was actually totally wrong. It has brought a feeling of mistrust between genders and people seem to have lost trust on girls.

Check out this video by Sortedd in which Delhi girls can be seen voicing their opinion against Jasleen openly and said she has really let every one down by her false act of implicating a poor guy for no reasons.


Moreover, when girl Jasleen Kaur filed a so called fake and false case, Delhi police didn’t waste time and arrested the guy Sarvjeet Singh. But , now why is so much delay in arresting Jasleen or taking a legal action against her, if it has been proven that her case was false. If it is still under investigation and not final verdict is not yet out, then how come the guy was arrested immediately. Rules can not be different for guy and a girl.


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