Delhi Government to Create Paan Spitting Zones All Over The City.

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After years of trying to stop people from peeing and spitting paan (पान) all over the city, authorities have now come up with a different solution. They are already installing more public toilets but their solution for paan spitting is uncanny. According to them this new method will stop the problem of idiots leaving red paan stains on city walls.

Authorities have come up with ‘Paan spitting zones’. These zones will be created all over the city for people to spit paan in only that particular area. The work is already in progress. Delhi is the experiment city for this solution. If it works it will be implemented all over India, especially in Uttar Pradesh.

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The idea is to accept the fact that people will still spit paan on city walls no matter what the authorities try or how much fine the authorities keep. People are just so shameless. They don’t care about the reputation of the city. Keep aside reputation, they don’t even care about hygiene and cleanliness.

A country which is dirty has no future. Spitting paan on street walls, throwing garbage on streets and saying Prime Minister’s clean India drive is not working is not the solution.

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Connaught Place is alone an example that proves Delhites do not care about their city. No matter how many times the pillars and walls of our favourite hang out place CP is renovated some idiots would start throwing red paan liquid on them from the very next day. Here the government spends crores on making CP shiny white and beautiful again and there all efforts go in vain. One can only imagine the frustration of the government.

Regardless of facing failures again and again government did not give up. It came out with an idea which surprised everyone. Government allowed people to spit paan. Government created pan spitting zones. In these zones people are allowed to spit Pan but not out of them. These zones are like the pictures in colouring books. They are made in different shapes and sizes and the intention is to decorate the walls with paan stains and saving the city.

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The government is also trying to judge to what extent can citizens obey the rules. People did not agree when government said no to paan stains but will they agree if government begs them to compromise a little?

According to authorities 5% spitting tax will be added to the paans and the tax money will be used to clean up the paan spitting zones once in every month. This will reduce the cost and the government will not have to renovate the whole building to which the stained walls belong to.

However government is afraid whether people will actually follow this new rule or just spit the red liquid of paan right outside the border of the zones like they click photographs with the ‘no photography’ boards in the background, trolling rules. The failure will only increase cost instead of decreasing it and the government will lose faith in the citizens forever.


If you are one of those paan spitting idiots and you read this, I am glad.


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