Delhi is Not Safe for Men. Rape Case inside Taxi in Delhi wasn’t Rape but an ugly fight over Rs. 500 Taxi Fare. And Media Never Told You About This.

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In our series of “Delhi is Not Safe for Men“, we hereby bring another report in which a benefit of doubt was given to a women and a false case of rape was filed against the cab driver.

Deepika Bhardwaj, journalist, anchor and a film maker made this exposure on her blog about the incident of rape by a cab driver that happened in April 2015. It has now been proven that the whole story was false and it was just a case of an ugly fight between the driver of the cab and the women passenger and it was not the rape case at all as it was reported by every single news channel, Deepika Writes.

Now, even after the facts have come out, none of the media is actually talking about it informing that it was a false rape case and the driver has been acquitted. Its high shameful on our media part that they ran the story to gain the TRP when the incident happened but now they are keeping quite as probably, it goes against them as well since they were also a party in running a false news.

Woman, who alleged that she was raped by the Taxi Driver actually fought with the man over fare of Rs. 500 which she refused to give.

A fight followed in which both the driver and the woman attacked each other. Medical as well as Forensic evidence have established that there was no rape committed upon the woman. Judgment also mentions that the woman demanded Rs 5 lacs from the driver to settle the case.


In April 2015, shortly after Uber case, another news of rape in a taxi in the dark hours of the night, made headlines in Delhi. According to reports splashed across various news papers Times of India  India Today DNA and also various leading TV channels, it was alleged that driver Ramesh Kumar had raped the woman, sexually assaulted her and threatened of dire consequences.


Six months into the incident, the case has reached it’s final judgment and the accused Ramesh Kumar has been acquitted of the said offence , where the judge has found the testimony of the complainant unreliable and untrustworthy because of various improvements and inconsistencies.

Justice Virender Bhat says “The version of the prosecutrix is vacillating and her deposition before this court is not consistent with her statements recorded during the course of investigation. She has given contradictory, inconsistent and vacillating versions of the incident at every occasion when she was called upon to describe the incident. Her deposition before this court is replete with embellishments and inconsistencies.”

Medical evidence and forensic evidence collected during the course of investigation of the case have also pointed out that the case was fabricated and incident misreported as that of rape, though it was a quarrel between the driver and complainant over the taxi fare which the woman refused to give. The judge observes “The statement of the prosecutrix to the doctor that she was not subjected to vaginal or anal or oral sex by the accused clearly demolishes the case of the prosecution in totality. Neither medical evidence nor forensic evidence supports the version of the prosecutrix.”

There were a total of 18 witnesses presented from the prosecution side. Accused Ramesh Kumar claimed innocence and pleaded trial. After going through all evidence and testimonies while acquitting the accused, Justice Virender Bhat observes :

“It does appear from the evidence on record that some kind of quarrel and struggle had taken place between the accused and the prosecutrix inside the taxi as both had beaten and bitten each other. But to say that the accused has either raped her or attempted to rape her would not be in a justified conclusion. The prosecutrix has nowhere stated whether the accused had agreed to drop her at her destination for free or some amount of fare had been fixed and if so, how much. This lends credence to the defence raised by accused that the quarrel had taken place as she was refusing to pay his taxi charges of Rs.500/-. Further, the deposition of DW1 and DW2 (the wife and sister of the accused) too gives an indication that a demand of Rs. 5 Lacs was made from the side of prosecution to them for settlement of the case which also brings the case of prosecution within the sphere of doubt.”

Despite looking at all the aspects of the case, Ramesh Kumar has just been given benefit of doubt by the court even though evidences point towards the fact that the woman was not raped. While the case got covered widely when it was reported, it has not found a mention yet anywhere in the news though the judgment was pronounced on September 16, 2015. Ramesh Kumar would still be considered as a rapist by most people of this country while the woman faces no consequences for misreporting a heinous crime as rape.

This is not just one case. This is one among many being reported everyday. But media doesn’t find them worthy of reporting – may be they know the reason better!

I would urge the media to report the acquittal of this man and if possible at least now ask for his side of the story.

Click here to read the complete judgement text as given out by honorable court.


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